12 Girls Night In Or Out Ideas

Spend Some Time With Your Gal Pals

Spending time with your best friends is important, especially now. But depending on where you live, there might be rules and restrictions on how you can and cannot see others. Luckily, we have a plethora of technology at our disposal that we can use to connect with our friends when we need them the most. Honestly, T-Goodness for the internet and smart people, are we right? 

If you're longing for the good old days of nights you don't remember with people you'll never forget, it's still absolutely possible right now! Take your friends online and have the same kind of fun girls night out you used to have in 2019 in the comfort of your own home! Whether it's a virtual birthday party or bachelorette party, we have ideas for a fun way to make your next girls night totally safe and a good time. 

1. Game Night

In a group of competitive besties? We're sorry. But also, if game nights were the nights of choice for you and your friends, you have a ton of options at your disposal! Although we all know that Zoom calls can get a little tedious these days, it is so easy to shake things up with a fun game night! Here are a few games that lend themselves nicely to Zoom playing!  

20 Questions: Ah, so you think you know everything about your friends? We think not! Get to know the girls you know the best even better. Ask creative questions, things that you realized you don't know, or questions about times where you weren't apart of their lives. Regardless of how well you know each other, there is always more to learn and fun surprises that come out in a good old fashion new fashion game of 20 questions. 

Cards Against Humanity: Sounds like you might enjoy a dirty joke every time and time again, and we appreciate that about you. If your friends enjoy more adult board games, like Cards Against Humanity, then we got a sneaky way you can play on a Zoom call! Head to https://cardsagainsthumanity.com/ 

You can thank us later!

Trivia: Our group of friends is longing for the one night of the week we'd return to the bar that would frequently kick us out of in high school kids for a good game of trivia (and maybe some karaoke). If this reminds you of your group of friends, don't let your trivia skills and knowledge go to waste, and bring your trivia to Zoom. An easy way? Every week, rotate who gets to be trivia master and have them create the game! If that seems like too much work, there are so many sites that make random trivia questions! 

2. At-Home Wine Tasting

Virtual wine tasting? Sign us up! We are always game. (Seriously, sign us up!) These days, there are so many ways you can have your virtual wine tastings in the comfort of your own home. Maybe you'll want to accompany this with some fondue or a cheese board, and you can all get your wine on. In fact, some wineries are even sending wine tastings (and some include a whole bottle of wine or two) so you and your friends can all purchase your own and enjoy a wine tasting party together! 

3. DIY Spa Day

If you're longing for some pampering with your favorite girls, we see you. We are too. It's hard to have a spa day separately, but since we're all smart, creative women, we know there has to be a workaround. Might we suggest a virtual happy hour where you DIY pedis, wear your favorite face mask, and share with your girls why it's your favorite mask? Not only will you leave the evening with a new face mask in mind, but you'll be able to connect with your girls!

4. Book Club

You know that book club you and your friends always talked about starting but never actually started? Now is a perfect time! Seriously, start one! Book clubs take one person who is really dedicated to the cause, so here are a few things to consider if that's you. 

Select a theme to base your book club around. Some fun ones: Crime, romance, books that have turned into movies....you get it! Maybe you could even prep some cocktails or appetizers (send out the recipe beforehand) that match the theme. Make sure you prepare for all of the awkward inevitable pauses, remember they're not personal, and have thoughtful, engaging questions ready before the event begins!

5. Bake Up A Storm

Like everything in 2020, even virtual baking classes are possible! From Williams Sonoma to Eataly, you have so many options and tutorials to choose from. Grab a group of your best girls who like to bake and Facetime, Zoom, or live stream the entire process together! 

6. Take A Fun Workout Class

Perhaps this shows what we've been Googling lately, but there seems to be a crazy amount of online platforms for working out. Even better, they are perfect for streaming and enjoying with friends. Find a new type of work out and sign up at the same time as your friends! The worse thing that happens, you all stop and just start talking instead! 

7. Go Dancing

Sometimes just need to let your hair down and dance! Even if you have no dance moves or rhythm, sometimes that's the only medicine to a bad day (or year in this case). Host a virtual dance party with your friends by using various websites online like YouTube or DancePlug! Whether you decide to learn a new dance or just want to jam to music together, going dancing is always a good idea. It can't hurt to get a little glam, too, so you feel like you're really getting a night out. 

8. See Some Live Music

Have a few local musicians you love? A family member who's a musician? Or a friend of a friend's second cousin's great grandmother who is a musician? Chances are, they're holding live streams of their concerts that you and your friends can enjoy! Because they are no longer able to play in person, they need the support now more than ever, so not only will you be connecting with your friends, but you'll also be supporting an artist! Grab some takeout so you can really envision yourself at the venue. 

10. Movie Night

Movie theaters around the world are closed, but that doesn't mean movies are canceled. In fact, most states' film industries are essential, so in our minds, it is also essential to keep watching movies. Luckily, many different companies have come together to create services that allow you to host an online movie night with your loved ones. Here are a few we have discovered! 

Kast: This service allows users to share videos with others in real-time. From movies, videos, live streams, and webcams, you can share your favorite clips with your friends, all while holding a group text chat. 

Netflix Party: There is a reason Netflix and chill is a famous slogan: because watching movies is more fun with others than by yourself. On Netflix, you can still virtually watch whatever chick flick just came out with all of your friends. With a fully synced view experience with group chat, it has all of the things you need for a fun movie night! 

Syncplay: If you're looking to host a movie night with media you already own, Syncplay is the platform for you. Their free software system is easily downloaded to your laptop, and it allows you to invite a friend to watch your media you own in a custom room. 

11. Take A Cooking Class

Even while being physically disconnected from one another, it is, in fact, a possibility to take a virtual cooking class with your girlfriends! (gasps!) The Food Network app makes that all possible! On their app, you and your girls can sign-up for a live or on-demand cooking class. It even allows you and your friends to vote on a recipe they want to learn, and you can all separately buy the ingredients in advance. That's the perfect way for one person can stream the class for all to see! 

12. Paint & Sip

Because they can no longer host their events in person, many artists and stores have taken their paint and sip events online! All you have to do is pick up the materials, sip and paint, if you're feeling crafty.

Girls Night Fun, Guaranteed

Whatever fun ideas you choose, we're confident you'll have a good ladies night. And remember, soon we'll be able to spend time together freely...so hang on, the day will come!