20 Best Coworker Gifts for the Holiday Season

What Should You Get Your Favorite Coworker for the Holidays?

Ah, the holiday season is officially here, and now you're casually expected to spend your hard-earned money buying presents for the people you care about. Buying presents can be complicated, which is why we put our heads together and came up with the best gift ideas that we think your favorite colleagues will love. So, let's get to it!  

1. Wine

As a wine company, you bet we're going to start with wine! Wine has always been the perfect gift. Ancient Greeks considered wine a gift from the gods, and Ancient Egyptians buried their loved ones with tons of wine, so they had a plentiful supply so that their afterlife was lit. We like their style. 

So, if you're shaking your head telling us that wine as a gift is passe, we disagree with you. It is a gift that will never go out of style. Choosing the perfect wine is the best way to show your colleague you care. It proves that all of those times, your work friend was sharing their likes and dislikes you were listening to, even if you were half-listening. 

High-quality wine can also be exceptionally beautifully packaged. And let's be honest, presentation is 80% of the battle when it comes to gift-giving. Grab a wine gift box, and you have a simple yet ridiculously stylish solution for all your Christmas gift problems. 

By this point, we'd like to believe that we've already sold you on how great wine is as a gift. But, if you need more convincing, no need to beg. We have more reasons. For example, wine lasts for a long time. If you need a reminder, check out the blog post, we wrote here about how long it lasts and how to store it for optimal enjoyment. 

2. A Candle

Candles: one of the universally accepted gifts for any gender. They provide natural light for starters and allow us to take a break from the artificial light we're surrounded by 24-7. If your work friend is always on his or her phone or computer, this gift is perfect!

Plus, candles do wonders for your mood and bring a sense of calmness and peace. Oh, heck ya, we're talking about aromatherapy. The power of smell evokes so many different emotions, feelings, and memories. And some claim that the right scents reduce anxiety, help with chronic pain, and promote wellness. If your friend is overworked or maybe looks like they can use a little help becoming one with their thoughts and feelings, wrap up a candle! 

3. Assorted Chocolates Or Sweets

If you don't enjoy chocolate, are you even human? Or are you some robot put on earth to read Bev's blogs for no apparent reason? In any case, assorted chocolates are, for sure, a fantastic treat and, therefore, make a delightful gift!

First, chocolates are luxurious. They're smooth, sweet, and rich, pretty much all of the qualities we have written down that we want in our future husbands. Plus, they are often beautifully packaged and look as good as they taste. 

Second, chocolates come in so many different flavors. If you gift an assortment, as you should because giving one piece of chocolate would be weird, we're talking about endless amounts of filling options, from caramel, cookie, creams, apple pie fillings, brandy to dark chocolate fillings, the possibilities are endless. And within the interminable opportunities, your gift receiver is bound to find a hidden treat that fits all of their chocolate wants and needs. 

4. A Gift Card To Their Favorite Lunch Spot

If you're looking for an easy home run and know your colleague often frequents the same lunch spot, a last minute gift card is a great gift! Plus, maybe your friend will use it when you go with her. You never know unless you give it to him or her! 

5. Homemade Baked Goods

Not sure about your office, but when anyone makes baked goods here at Bev, we go wild. Usually, if the baker is good, the treat will be demolished by noon. Sometimes it's gone before even 9:00 am. Homemade baked goods are perfect for your colleague that is one of a kind because, well, baked goods are one of a kind. While you may follow the same recipe as your favorite blogger, this thoughtful gift still includes your blood, sweat, and tears. (We mean that figuratively, as we hope that none of your baked goods have any of that disgusting stuff). 

Plus, homemade gifts are incredibly personal. They show that you took time out of your day to make them something you know they'll love and, of course, devour. They are baked with love. Ahhh. And there is a significant perk for you: they're fun to make. Well, if you like baking. Now that we're in COVID, you have time to kill (we think, we sure do), so why not fill it with delicious holiday gifts. 

Last but not least, homemade baked goods COULD save you a ton of money. We can't guarantee this because we don't know your baking skills or your usually gifting style, but in general, homemade baked goods are cheaper than the store-bought alternatives. 

6. Coffee or Tea Gift Set

If you don't drink coffee or tea to get through the day, we don't know how you do it! Pretty much everyone and their mothers drink coffee or tea to have the energy to get through the time until it's socially acceptable to drink wine! Pass this thoughtful gift on to your Secret Santa, especially if they're a coffee lover or they've been complaining that they need a new tea infuser.

7. A Beautiful Notebook

A notebook can be an incredibly caring gift for the colleague who takes impeccable notes or maybe even doodles endlessly in meetings. It'll help tidy up their work space of the million and one sticky notes that they have hanging around.

8. A Cozy Mug

A coffee mug is another gift that will never go out of style or fade in utility. It's a unique gift that can range from super meaningful and beautiful to super goofy. Mugs are great because most people start their day with a cup of coffee or tea. If you don't, we don't believe you because it would be physically impossible for us to get out of bed without knowing coffee was in our near future. Not that we're dramatic or anything. Plus, wouldn't it be oh so cute if every time your colleague took a sip from their mug, they thought of you? Sighs. 

Mugs also are great conversation starters. Because as a world, we all bond together over the power of caffeine. Well, that, and a unique mug can seriously light up other people's moods and lift the spirits of the people who come in contact with he or she who holds the mug. 

Since this is a gift for a colleague, we have to admit it's perfect for the workday! When we roll into Bev in the morning, you bet we're all holding our travel mugs (or tumblers) that are filled to brim with the delicious drink that gets us through the day. Then you also are refilling it and refilling it again and again as the day goes on. 

9. Comfy Socks

If you or your work colleague is like us than they have many different pairs of socks. We have the socks that we wear with our running shoes for working out, we have the socks we wear with our more fashionable sneakers, and we have the socks we wear when we're hanging around our house. These are the kinds of socks you want to give your colleague: the types of socks you likely don't want to be seen wearing in public but often wear watching trashy reality tv shows. 

First, socks are warm. Name something other than wine that's better on a frigid, winter day. See, you can't think of one. Plus, your feet deserve to be treated. Well, in this case, your friend's feet deserve to be treated. 

10. A Cute Succulent

Talk about a plant that gives off positive energy! These babies are as beautiful as they are enchanting and make a fun gift! If you have a colleague with a green thumb, then a succulent is on route to go! Flowers and most plants die reasonably quickly, but succulents are well known for their sustainability. Great news because when you're out of the office over the weekend, you'll have no fear about your plants finding their way to plant heaven.

Succulents also offer a gift that grows. After giving the plant, you guys can bond as you watch the chubby plant on the sill grow and expand into the beautiful succulent you know it was meant to be. Plus, plants make you less stressed and straight-up happier, so this gift is a great pick-me-up. 

11. An Oil Diffuser

This isn't just a gift for your coworker, it's basically a whole office gift. Everyone will be able to smell the delicious scents wafting out of your diffuser. 

12. A Reusable Water Bottle

Want to help your colleague save money? A reusable stainless steel water bottle can save your colleague anywhere from $30 to $280 per year! Plus, it is the gift that keeps on giving because it reduces so much waste while creating healthy habits! So, you're giving the ultimate gift! 

13. A Mini Zen Garden

Not only are these desk accessories beautiful but they're also one of the best ways to destress and release anxiety. 

14. Bath Bomb Gift Set

If Mini Zen Gardens weird you out, we get it. But if you're looking for a way to help de-stress your colleague, don't worry. There are, of course, other options. Grab a bath bomb gift set and send them on their way! (Note: we don't suggest you join because HR might have problems with that.) 

But soaking in essential oils and salts (especially with wine glass in hand) is the ultimate way to watch your woes and worries away. Just think about how happy it made Chandler Bing in Friends when he said, "It's so hard to care when you're this relaxed." For an extra, more relaxed bath bomb gift set, reach for one that contains CBD. 

15. A Fluffy Blanket

All offices have one colleague that is always cold. It could be 100 degrees outside, and this friend is still shivering. What better way than to find an extra warm blanket to keep them warm? Not sure if you've noticed this, but there are all sorts of blankets in the world. If your colleague enjoys the finer things in life, you can reach for a luxurious throw blanket, but if your colleague prioritizes comfort above all, the fluffier the blanket, the better! 

16. A Wine Opener

Don't kid yourself: everyone needs a wine opener. Plus, there are so many different types to choose from! Pick an opener that speaks to their style! 

17. A Cocktail Recipe Book

If your colleague is an authentic drink afficianato, give them a book to help them keep learning and creating. They'll be ready to wow you at the next office happy hour, and all thanks to your gift exchange.

18. A Monthly Subscription Box

Give a gift that will remind your colleague that you care about them every month! 

19. A Warm Hat

Hats are such a practical gift, particularly if you're based in a colder location. If you're looking for a gag gift, a hat that looks particularly ridiculous is a good bet too. 

20. A Wireless Charger

Share with your colleague how important they are to you and how much you value talking to them over your many gadgets. Wireless chargers are more durable, prevent overheating, have safer connections, are universally compatible, and have fewer charging cables so that they can charge their iPhone without fear of tripping over cords.