Easy White Wine Spritzer Recipe

Are White Wine and Red Wine Different?

Well, the colors and their names, for starters, make them different. But yes, there is obviously a more significant difference between red and white wine than their colors and names. The true differentiation is how they are created, and particularly their fermentation process. White wines are made from white or sometimes even black grapes. Then, the juice is separated from the grape's seeds, and skin and only the grape juice is used to make the wine.

In contrast, winemakers create red wine from both black and red grapes instead of white grapes. Plus, the grape skins and seeds are not removed as they are in white wine. Instead, they are kept inside the stainless steel vats with the juice while they ferment. It is the skin and seeds that create the color and richer flavor in red wines. 

Can White Wines Be Made Into Mixed Drinks?

Although we don’t ever get bored of drinking wine, we’ve heard some do enjoy drinking other drinks from time to time. The good news is wine likes to dress up now and again! The truth is, wine cocktails are always a good idea. They're light, refreshing, and are the perfect drink for whatever size of party you're having. Spritzes, sangrias, and punches can be made in batches, making it an easy way to add a festivity to a family dinner or brunch without much work. 

Thanks to its diverse flavor profiles, wine makes a versatile cocktail ingredient. From dry and fruity to bright and savory, there are several flavor profiles to choose from. White wine with high acidity is great in alcoholic drinks because it enables you to imitate particular citrus flavors without using any citrus. With its complex and many complex tasting notes, rose is also another excellent ingredient. Red wine is also a great base because its tannins provide a lot of texture to a cocktail recipe. 

The true art of creating a distinctive wine mixed drink is creating balance. You want to savor the taste of wine without overwhelming it with a spirit or liqueur. A common rule of thumb is to remember your likes and dislikes and stay away from mixing a drink with alcohol types that you wouldn't drink on their own. 

What Is a White Wine Spritzer?

A white wine spritzer is more than just a summer drink. It happens to be light and sparkly and, therefore, perfect for all seasons! Plus, it is one of the simplest cocktails you'll ever make! It only entails a mix of wine and tonic water or carbonated water. Specifically, it is three parts wine, one part sparkling water, and then garnished with some sort of citrus peel. 

Spritzers are exceptional because they can be made highly personalized. You can create it the way you like to indulge your cravings without worrying about overdoing it. Merely adjusting the soda, such as lemon-lime soda or sprite, you're mixing your wine with can make an immense difference. We also love them because they're astonishingly light. Not only does it feature a lower alcohol content, but you're also cutting down your alcohol consumption. 

And sometimes, you need a spritzer with a twist! Due to its versatility, a spritzer is super easy to make with a little more fun. You can easily mix up a festive no-fuss version of this cocktail in literally no total time at all. By adding a fruity, festive touch to your cocktails, like frozen cranberries or a star made out of orange skin, you can take your red wine spritzer to a joyous level. 

A few things to keep in mind: first, select a wine you enjoy and drink alone. Bad wines won't get more satisfying or more delicious with a dash of bubbly club soda. The best varieties for spritzers are wines packed with fruity flavors, such as watermelon, light on tannins, and loaded with potent aromatic qualities. We suggest wines such as Sauvignon Blanc, Riesling, Pinot Noir, and Grenache. A personal suggestion from us is to stay clear of premixed spritzers. Usually, these have an unnatural and artificial taste and don't make for delicious cocktail sipping! 

Which White Wines Should Be Used in Spritzers?

Typically, the best wine varieties for a spritzer are packed with fruity flavors, mild on tannins, and filled with potent and delightful aromatic characteristics. The best wines are Sauvignon Blanc, Riesling, Pinot Noir, and Moscato. But really, any white wine will do. If you are looking for a dry spritzer, grab a Sauvignon Blanc, or one with more body, grab an oaky Chardonnay or sweet Moscato. Here are a few descriptions of the best wines to use in spritzers so you can make an educated decision. 

Sauvignon Blanc

The primary fruit flavors are lime, green apple, passion fruit, and white peach. Depending on how ripe the grapes are when the wine is made, the flavor will range from zesty lime to flowery peach.


Aromas and flavors include green apple, peach, and lime. Riesling is normally delicate and incredibly mineral. 


Like most wines, Chardonnay can taste drastically different, depending on where it grows and how it's produced. Typically, Chardonnay is a dry, medium- to full-bodied wine with moderate acidity and alcohol. Its flavors range from apple and lemon to papaya and pineapple, and it also shows notes of vanilla when it's aged with oak.


Gewürztraminer is a profoundly aromatic wine that has a gold color tinged with copper. 

What Are Some Easy Wine Spritzer Recipes?

Here are a few go-to recipes to keep in your arsenal when you're hoping to give the wine spritzer a try! 

Blood Orange Soda Spritzer

Seasonal Cravings creates a killer blood orange soda spritzer! Light and fresh, her Blood Orange Wine Spritzer is the perfect refreshing cocktail for spring and summer. 

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Lemon-Lime Spritzer

With only four ingredients, you can make Two Raspberries' delicious Lemon Lime Spritzer. 

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Berry Spritzer

Summer is here, so it's time to give Deliciously Sprinkled Berry Spritzer a try! Refreshing and made for the hot weather! Grab your ice cubes, ginger ale, bottle of wine and wine glass to fend off your sparkling wine cravings.

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