Gifts for the Woman who has Everything


We're sure you have women in your life who appear to have absolutely everything they need and more. The woman that you casually want to live in their closet because you really can't fathom how they have space to house their perfect clothes, shoes, jewelry, gadgets, bags, and more. And although she might be super down to earth about the fact that she is #blessed with all of the material goods of the world, that makes gifting incredibly let's talk about it.

What Do You Get The Woman Who Has Everything?

Instead of giving up and giving her a friendly pat on the back, we suggest getting creative. Just because she has everything doesn't mean she doesn't appreciate the gift ideas and gestures that come directly from her friends' hearts. Whether you're going for a birthday gift, Mother's Day gift, or holiday gift, we've got your back with gift ideas for women who have everything. So with Bev's gift guide, here are some of the best gift ideas you can give that will make her the happiest girl in the world! 

A Donation To A Charity of Her Choice

An original way to show you that you care about her passions: donate to a charity of her choice. Not only will this great gift mean the world to your best friend, but it won't make you feel half bad either. Plus, right now, many charities are in desperate need of extra money with the global pandemic that has affected each and every one of us! 

If you're not sure what charity speaks to your loved one's heart, then perhaps find one you think she'd love to get to know better! Is she an animal lover? Passionate about the environment? A mother who cares for her children? Is she stressed about the upcoming election because of women's rights or healthcare? There are so many charities out there, and you'll be a winner if you introduce her to something that changes her life forever! 

A Pack Of Bev


We're not trying to be self-centered, but what better way to show the important woman in your life you care about her than with Bev. If she is a strong independent woman, someone you look up to or admire, then Bev is even more perfect! We're a company that promotes female empowerment in business and beyond. From our female winemaker to our female CEO and founder, our company truly embodies the importance of women supporting women. 

Plus, Bev has ZERO sugar. Pretty much everyone who takes a sip from our dry, crisp, fizzy cans are ridiculously surprised to discover that our wine literally has no sugar. We also only clock in at three carbs, so if your girl happens to be following a strict keto or similar diet, she'll be amazed to find a wine that allows her to drink wine and diet. Pair it with a cheese board for a perfect keto-friendly Christmas gift.

Still not sold? We come in three different flavors that each have their unique style and personalities. From our Bev Blanc, who is a little zippy, to our Bev Gris, who is light and refreshing, to our Bev Rose, who is dry and a little fizzy, all of our wines have their personalities that your girl will love to get to know! And frankly, who you will love to get to know! 

A Trip To The Spa

Another fantastic gift that's potentially mutually beneficial for you - woohoo! Give your friend the unforgettable experience of hanging out with you all day at the spa. Not only will you two bond while spending the day together with this thoughtful gift, but you will be thoroughly pampered and get a little self-care time! 

If that sounds a little bit out of your price range, you can always opt for a gift card where she can get her spa treatments alone. Not only is this more financially practical for the holiday season, but she can save the certificate for when she needs it most! 

If this still seems a little too pricy for you, consider an at-home massager.

Personalized Jewelry

Even if the woman who has everything isn't someone you're in a relationship with, jewelry is ALWAYS an option for the perfect gift. We know that some of our best jewelry has actually been gifts from our nearest and dearest friends! Plus, why not personalize the jewelry so you can make a statement about your relationship or her personality traits in a cute, wearable high-quality fashion. 

Here are some adorable personalized jewelry ideas we know we'd be ecstatic to receive: 

Initial Rings or Necklaces: Is it just us, or is initial jewelry seriously having a moment right now. We have zero scientific evidence to prove this, but it feels like ever since the world caught a glimpse of Meghan Markle wearing her delicate and sweet personalized necklace with her son's name on them, personalized jewelry exploded. 

Okay, so, we might think that because we Googled her necklace endlessly desperately trying to find the same exact one and, therefore, we received monogram jewelry ads on IG for days. Regardless, initial rings, necklaces, or bracelets are an adorable gesture that your friend will surely love. Whether you put her initials, her children's initials, or even her pet's initials, we are 100% confident this is a piece of jewelry she'll cherish for a lifetime. 

Birthstone jewelry: What a sentimental way to show that you know your friend's birthday without Facebook having to remind you! Birthstones are such an easy win that has a personalized touch that will surely be treasured for years to come. 

Zodiac jewelry: Like birthstone jewelry, zodiac jewelry is a personalized touch that happens to be incredibly trendy, and to make it even more trendy, go for rose gold. If you have a friend who continually refers to her zodiac sign as an explanation for her behavior, you know this would make her ridiculously happy to receive! 

Luxury Chocolates

Chocolate cures everything. Well, not really, but also, kind of? Every now and then, the easiest way to feel a little bit better about whatever is causing us stress is through chocolate. Why not give it to the girl who has everything so that she has an easy way to pick herself back up when life has her down! 

If purchased at an upscale store, luxe chocolate can be smooth, rich, sweet, and luxurious. Pretty sure these are all of the best qualities to have, yet they happen to be in one delicious treat. And, to put salt in the wound we just inflicted on chocolate having better qualities than you, chocolates can also be some of the most beautiful treats you have ever seen. Never thought we'd see the day we'd be jealous of chocolate, but alas, here we are! 

In addition to all of their desirable traits, chocolate also comes in so many different flavors. If you gift chocolates as an assortment or gift basket, you're bound to give her a flavor that she'll find and enjoy very much. And we're pretty sure this isn't just an 'us' thing, but it's ridiculously fun to pick different pieces of chocolate and be delightfully surprised at what's inside. Life really is a box of chocolates; you never know what you're going to get! 

A Designer Bag

HOLD UP! Hear us out! Before you skip to the next holiday gift suggestion because of the price tag this gift might have, we want to clarify that we're not telling you to go out and buy your friend a Birkin bag. If you have the financial means to do that, great, can we be your friend? Kidding. Sort of? All somewhat jokes aside, what we're saying is that you can get her a designer wallet, crossbody, or tote that's small and meaningful. 

We're not suggesting a designer bag because of the name that accompanies the purchase. Instead, we're suggesting a designer gift because of its durability. Sure, we buy cheap items to fill up our closet. We're suckers for a fantastic sale or for stores that guarantee we can leave with huge bags of items without putting too big of a dent into our bank accounts. BUT have you ever purchased something slightly more expensive than your usual garb and been blown away that ten years later, you're still wearing it and it's still in meticulous shape? Exactly! Give her a gift that she can use for years and years to come! 

A Ride In A Hot Air Balloon

This unique gift idea comes with a disclaimer: if you know that your friend is terrified of heights, this might not be the best option for you! But, if you have a friend who is always down for an adventure or a good Instagram opportunity, a hot air balloon ride is unbeatable! 

A Fancy Coffee Maker

Is your friend a coffee lover? Give your friend an incredibly useful present that will make her coffee-making routine easier and more delicious! Plus, there are so many different coffee makers and accessories that come at various prices, giving you endless opportunities to help caffeinate her for years to come! You can create your own little gift set for her with some of her favorite roasts and a cute coffee mug.

If you have a friend who is really into aesthetics, look into a sleek, glass, pour-over coffee pot that she can artistically place on her countertop as home decor. They're sophisticated, yet simple creating an understated elegance everyone can appreciate. If you have a friend who is continually re-heating her coffee because she needs it to be piping hot throughout the day, reach for a temperature-controlled mug. Although they'll get fewer steps in their day because they won't be making trips to the microwave, they'll have their warm coffee all day long. Personalized gifts like this are sure to show her that you care.


If none of these float your boat, consider other popular cult-favorite ideas like subscription boxes, stainless steel water bottles, or Bluetooth headphones like AirPods. If you're looking to treat her to some self care items, a silk pillowcase, an essential oil diffuser, or a succulent might be the way to go.