Our Favorite Refreshing Alcoholic Drinks

Summer is the ideal time to sip on some fruity, herby, or frozen drinks! They are not only refreshing and delicious, but they also take advantage of summer's freshest flavors. Here are the summer cocktails we plan on sipping this summer that will leave you feeling refreshed on a summer day without breaking a sweat!

Tequila Time

We're here to prove that tequila is not just for shots and margaritas! On the contrary, tequila can be made into many different imaginative drinks due to its versatility and many flavors, from tropical fruits to smoky spirit-forward sips. Of course, you can have a watermelon margarita, too... Why not all of the above? Meet your new favorite tequila cocktail recipe!

Tequila Sunrise

Made with tequila, orange juice, and grenadine syrup, a Tequilla Sunrise is typically served unmixed in a tall class. A popular tequila concoction, the Tequila Sunrise is delicious, easy to mix up, and refreshingly fruity. 

Tequila Limeaid

A cocktail can be made in either a single glass or whole pitcher; a Tequila Limeaid is a tequila seltzer cocktail. Light, refreshing, and low carb, you cannot go wrong with a Tequilla Limeaid, especially during the summer! 

Vodka, Please!

There are more vodka cocktails than we can name in one blog because of their subtle flavor and fantastic ability to play well with other ingredients. Taking on the character of a drink, vodka mixes well with... well, almost anything. Here's the vodka cocktail we have on our minds this summer. 

Pink Lemonade

A cocktail that is as pretty as it is delicious, Pink Lemonade is a refreshing cocktail that is universally loved. Plus, it is easy to make and can take a table setting from nice to wow! This can easily be turned into a non-alcoholic drink, if you want something for the kids, or you can shake it up with fresh basil or berries for a sophisticated twist.

Whiskey (and Bourbon) a Go-Go

The whiskey world is already vast, and even so, it is still expanding. In the following drinks, you can get a glimpse into just how versatile whiskey is. 

Mint Julep

The signature bourbon drink of the Kentucky Derby, this refreshment is made with crushed ice and certainly should not be reserved for just one day of the year. 

Spiked Sweet Tea

Anyone else immediately envision themselves sipping on this drink while on the porch of a house in the South? Yup, us too. Sweet tea has been associated with warm weather and summertime porch sipping since the beginning of time. 

Yum, Rum!

Rum cocktails are arguably some of the most refreshing cocktails out there because they are often paired with tangy, fruity flavors and sweet tastes

Strawberry Daiquiri

A cocktail that is occasionally stereotyped as a cocktail catered to women, a daiquiri has a fruity flavor and creamy texture. While many imagine the drink as coming out of a slushie machine, daiquiris are often served on the rocks with fresh fruit. A strawberry daiquiri adds another fun dimension making it perfect for summertime sipping. 

Pina Colada

A cocktail made from rum, coconut, and pineapple juice, a piña colada is a quintessential vacation drink. Originating from Puerto Rico, a pina colada might not taste like alcohol but has a mean punch. 

Spiked Dole Whip

Just like the beloved and magical treat you can find at the happiest place on earth, this treat is equally as delicious but with an adult twist. Perfect for whenever you're dreaming of summer vacation, this drink will cool you down and put you in the ‘out of office’ mood. 

Berry Mojito

A traditional Cuban highball, a mojito usually consists of five ingredients: white rum, sugar, lime juice, soda water, and mint. A combination of citrus, mint, and sweet complements the rum and makes it a popular summer drink. Adding the perfect balance of sweet and tart, a berry mojito is a refreshing spin on a beloved summer drink. For a recipe you'll love, check out Nutmeg Nannies here. 

Gin, Gin, Gin (and Schnapps)

Got a bottle of gin? Lucky you! Here's what you can do:

Fuzzy Navel

The fuzzy navel is a sweet and exceptionally fruity cocktail introduced to the world in the 1980s. One sip of this gratifying drink will make you understand why it immediately became a favorite among drinkers, mainly because it's also easy to prepare at home! A variation of the screwdriver calls for a shot of peach schnapps, orange juice, and ice. Zero shaking, straining, or fancy bar tricks are needed; just simply pour and drink. And if you're wondering why the name: "fuzzy" is for the tiny hairs on peaches, and "navel" is due to the oranges. 

Sex on the Beach

An International Bartenders Association Official Cocktail, a Sex on the Beach, contains vodka, peach schnapps, orange juice, and cranberry juice. While the drink is most traditionally enjoyed in a highball glass garnished with orange slices, it can also be enjoyed in smaller amounts and served as a shooter. 

Wine Wednesday

Wine cocktails are as gorgeous as they are light and refreshing. They make an easy drink regardless of how many people you are serving. Plus, wine cocktails are seasonless because every holiday and occasion has a wine cocktail that can dress up (or down) for the event. So go ahead, grab a bottle (or Bev cans) and let's get to mixing the best and easiest wine cocktails out there! 


You can never go wrong with a mimosa! Traditionally created with orange juice and champagne, a Mimosa can be personalized with fruit juice, from apple cider to cranberry juice. Our favorite mimosa cocktail calls for a touch of Grenadine that brings in a little bit of tart. Plus, with its graduated coloring of red to orange, you'll finally understand why people wake up early to watch the sunrise! Give our Sunrise Mimosa a try this holiday season for the sparkliest holiday season yet! 

Sunrise Mimosa:

(Serving Size: 1 drink)


  • Spoonful grenadine
  • 3 ounces orange juice
  • 3 ounces of Bev Glitz
  • Two maraschino
  • One orange slice


  1. Pour orange juice into Bev Glitz, filling almost half full.
  2. Drop-in a maraschino cherry.
  3. Fill the rest of the glass with champagne.
  4. Pour a spoonful of Grenadine into a glass. If you drizzle it down the side of the glass, you will get that nice graduated shading.
  5. Garnish with an orange slice and maraschino cherry

Sangria, Of Course

For how deliciously fruity Sangria is, it is remarkably basic. In many ways, Sangria is simply a punch formulated from fruit and wine. While other liquids are often added to the mix to increase its alcohol content or intensify its flavor, Sangria is still fruit and wine at its core. 

As fans of Sangria, we love how straightforward and malleable it is. Toast to summer with our favorite Pinot grigio sangria made with none other than our Bev Gris! Find the recipe below, and oh, don't forget to cheers! 

Bev PG Sangria 

Ingredients (serving size 10) 

  • Five cups Fruit – strawberries, oranges, pineapple, grapefruit, apples, etc.
  • 2 Bev Pinot Grigio cans


  • Cut fruit into small bite-sized pieces. Fill pitcher to the top.
  • Fill the pitcher with Pinot Grigio and completely cover the fruit with wine.
  • Cover the top of the pitcher with plastic wrap and place it in the refrigerator overnight so the fruit can be infused with Pinot Grigio. Do this the evening before your party.
  • On the day of your party, just before guests arrive, remove the pitcher of White Wine Sangria from the refrigerator. Stir fruit with a long spoon.
  • Fill glasses with fruit until half of the fruit is removed from the pitcher.
  • Slowly fill the pitcher to the top with more Pinot Grigio. Stir wine and fruit.
  • Serve White Wine Sangria in the fruit-filled glasses.
  • To replenish the sangria pitcher, refill the pitcher with more Pinot Grigio. Stir to combine.
  • To serve, again remove the fruit from the pitcher and place it in glasses. Pour the White Wine Sangria over the fruit. Enjoy!

Frozen Rose

If you're a fan of frozen concoctions and don't care for overly sweet drinks, then this is the drink for you! Plus, it's surprisingly easy to make and tastes great! To make Frozen Rose, better known as Frosé, all you need is a bottle of rose, frozen fruit, and a little sweetener and ice. With a blender, you whirl all of the ingredients together until it's a smooth, slushy mix, and voila! You have yourself a drink that is all kinds of refreshing

Aperol Spritz

The splendidly bubbly wine-based beverage known as a Spritz has become popular in Italy over the last few years. Consisting of three simple ingredients: Prosecco, Aperol (a kind of Italian liqueur), and sparkling mineral water or club soda. The process couldn't be more straightforward - just pour one part of each ingredient into a glass filled with ice cubes, then garnish your creation however you please!