Simple Red Wine Spritzer Recipe

In our world, wine cocktails are always a great idea. A good wine cocktail is light, refreshing, and perfect for whatever size of party you're having because they can be made in batches. From spritzers to sangrias, wine cocktails add fun and festivity to a dinner party or brunch with little work and lots of cheers. But we're suckers for a good red wine spritzer, and we're here to convince you why a red wine spritzer should be your signature drink at your next gathering. Get ready to be convinced by these yummy-fizzy concoctions! 

Are Red, White, and Rosé Wines Different?

Many people believe that red wine is made from red grapes, white wine from white grapes, and rose from pink grapes. We're going to put a colossal F for false on that claim! What is true is that all wines are made from grapes. The fundamental distinction between the three is how they are created, and particularly during the fermentation process. 

White wines come from white and even occasionally black grapes. During the wine creation process, the juice is separated from the grape's seeds, and skin and only the juice is used to make wine. When making red wine and even rose, the grape skins and seeds are not removed as they are in white wine creation. Instead, they are kept inside the stainless steel vats with the juice while they ferment. It is the skin and seeds that create the color, and richer flavor in red and rose. 

The differentiation between red wine and rose is the length of total time the juice is spent with the skins and seeds. While red wine spends an extended length of prep time, rose's juice is a short period, just enough time to get its beautiful pink coloring. 

Do Red Wine Cocktails Exist?

What a silly question! Of course, they do, and we're here to tell you that they are lovely! We are such big fans; we've written quite a few blogs on this type of cocktail! Check out these blogs (after you're done reading this one, of course): Red Wine Cocktails: 3 Winter Drink Recipes To Savor, What To Mix With Wine: Making The Perfect Cocktail. 

The truth is, when it comes to wine, there are no limits — you can combine every kind of wine with every beverage that you can think of to find the perfect balance. But some combinations are more iconic than others: sangria combines red wine with fruit juices, sugar, and brandy, while kalimotxo mixes Coca-Cola and red wine; both of these cocktails should be added to your must-try list! 

What’s a Red Wine Spritzer?

Spritzers, such as Aperol Spritz, are great if you're in the mood for a glass of wine and want it to be a satisfying drink without worrying about overdoing it. By mixing the soda water, sparkling water, Sprite or seltzer you're using to dilute the wine, you can customize your drink and satisfy your cravings. Not only do they taste great, but also they're fun to make and lower in calories. 

When making a wine spritzer, whether it be white wine spritzer or another type of spritzer, there are a few things to keep in mind. The first is selecting a wine that you enjoy — bad wines should never be used because, let's be honest, they won't get better with a splash of club soda or La Croix! 

As you start to make more and more spritzers, you'll start building your new recipes to fit your cravings and crafting your own sparkling wine. The only key to a good spritzer is producing a balance between the wine, bubbles, and other ingredients. Essentially, your mission is to prevent non-alcoholic ingredients from stealing the spotlight! Pair it with some good food and get ready for a fun night.

Which Red Wines Are Yummiest in Spritzers?

The best wines for spritzers are those with plenty of fruit flavor, little tannin, and fruity aromas. We suggest Port, Gamay, Pinot Noir and Greneche. And an extra personal suggestion from us: stay clear of premixed spritzers; these have an artificial taste and don't make for delicious drinking.


A port spritzer is the best way to drink Port and enjoy the delicious taste of Portugal free of the weight and, of course, the red-wine teeth! Even better, there is little to no prep time when using this incredible cocktail recipe. 


The Gamay Noir is an easy-to-drink spritzer wine. It's perfect for summer nights or afternoons — and it's a great way to get the taste of red wine without all of the intense flavors. Its hints of tart cherries and wild strawberries create a light, refreshing drink that pairs well with cheese, bread, salmon, roasted duck, and pizza.

Pinot Noir

Packed with complex flavors, including cherry, mushroom, raspberry, and forest floor, Pinot Noir is incredible as a spritzer. 


A wine that has an unmistakable candied fruit roll-up and cinnamon flavor, Grenache is medium-bodied and higher in alcohol than other red wines. Making a spritzer with Grenache is an easy way to enjoy its delicious qualities in a lighter, hotter weather fashion. 

What Are Some Easy Wine Spritzer Recipes?

Red Wine and Cola

Hear us out: mixing red wine and Coca-Cola is called "kalimotxo." In the 1970s, this drink was iconic and spread across Spain's borders to become one of its most well-known international beverages. It is a concoction that contains equal parts cola and red wine with ice and a squeeze of lemon. Essentially, it's an easy alternative to sangria that won't make you seriously regret your decisions the following day. 

Pomegranate Spritzer

Made with tonic, pomegranate juice, and a splash of lime juice, Pomegranate Spritzers are an easy cocktail that can be enjoyed every season. You can dress it up for a holiday gathering or dress it down for a cocktail best enjoyed by the pool! While there are numerous other recipes for this cocktail, the Pomegranate Spritzer is usually Pomegranate juice combined with vodka and red wine. 

Red Wine Berry Spritzer

A red wine berry spritzer is a refreshing cocktail that is always cool, calm, and collected. Packed with strawberry and blueberry flavor, it's the ideal cocktail when you're trying to watch calories and carbohydrates but get your drink on!