what kind of wine is pinot grigio?

what does it taste like? 

Pinot Gris and Pinot Grigio are interchangeable! Pinot Gris implies a fruity “French” style from the region of Alsace while Pinot Grigio suggests an Italian style dry white wine. There are three main types of Pinot Grigio. Minerally & dry, fruity and dry, and fruity and sweet! Minerally and dry Pinot Grigio is most famous from Northern Italy, though it's grown across a wide variety of both old world and new world wine regions as well including California and Oregon in the United States, as well as world wide in New Zealand, Austria, Germany, and Switzerland. The mountains are a powerful force on the white wine grape variety and keep their high acidity. Fruit-driven style is often referred to as Pinot Gris wines. You can pick out fruit flavors of lemon, yellow apple, green apple, nectarine, and white peach. The presence of more fruit in the aroma tells us that these wines grow in a more sun-friendly climate. These wines are less acidic. And finally fruity and sweet! There is perhaps only one place in the world that makes a quality sweeter-style Pinot Gris and it’s in Alsace, France. With flavors of lemon candy, honeycomb, and honey crisp apples, winemakers apply very advanced winemaking methods to increase that mouthfeel texture and maximize flavor potential. Sometimes, even floral aromas like honeysuckle can be added into the notes.  

how is it made? 

Pinot Grigio wines come from a varietal mutation of the Pinot Noir grape. Their skins make colors ranging from blush pink to the more recognizable bluish-gray and sometimes even brown tinted. Pinot Grigio has a pale golden color because the grapes are not left in contact with the skins or stems. Italian style Pinot Grigio is harvested quite early. This happens to attempt to retain all that fresh acidity and zing! If the summer is hot, the picking date is quite important. This has a big impact on the color. As Pinot Grigio ripens, the grapes take on a pinkish color. Wines with riper grapes can be much more golden. Take a peek next time you are sipping on a Pinot Grigio! Fermentation and storage typically takes place in stainless steel tanks -- this keeps the flavor profile fresh and bright. If barrels were used instead, the palate weight would be heavier and sweeter. Overall this would detract from the simple, clean style that Pinot Grigio is known for. 

is it a strong wine?

Wines are mostly made up of alcohol and carbohydrates (sugars). When you look at a bottle, you’ll find a number followed by “ABV” which means alcohol by volume. It’s a standard measure of how much alcohol is in your beverage and it’s measured the same way around the world, so you will never be lost. An Italian Pinot Grigio runs at an average percentage between 12% and 13%, which is an average feat for most wine drinkers, especially those who usually drink red wine. 

is it low carb? 

No matter which way you spin it, alcohol isn’t always the healthiest option. If you are jumping onto the low carb diet like ketogenic, join the club! The ketogenic diet has been the fastest growing health trend since 2018. If you are looking for a keto-friendly or low carb option, pinot grigio could be an option for you. Wine has much lower carbs than beer while pure spirits (vodka) have zero carbs. One glass of pinot grigio contains 3.2 grams of carbohydrates per 5 ounce glass making it a reasonable choice if you are counting. 

common food pairings? 

Pinot Grigio is one of the most popular white wines in the world. It’s known for its light, dry, moderately acidic, and refreshing taste. These qualities allow the wine to pair well with and accentuate flavors best present in fish dishes. Sushi, white fish, and clams are all exciting examples of where Pinot Grigio will really shine! Try utilizing ginger or thyme, cracked white and black pepper, garlic, and lemon & lime. You can even use some of the Pinot to marinate your fish!  Try utilizing ginger, oregano, thyme, cracked white and black pepper, parsley and garlic as you prepare your dishes.  Don’t forget the lemon & lime!  Better yet, marinate your fish in a little bit of Pinot as well.