6 Wine Lover Gifts They Will Adore

Wine lovers are the best kind of people. We would know because we're wine lovers ourselves. If you have a true wine lover in your life, you should definitely get them something that fits with their passions. And, in this case, their passion is wine. 

Because we're kind and generous people, we put our heads together to come up with the perfect gift ideas that we, as wine lovers, would personally love. You're welcome! 

1. A Bottle (Or Pack!) Of Their Favorite Wine

Well, your friend is a wine lover, so can you really go wrong with a bottle of wine? We think not! And, because we are a wine company, we're going to take this opportunity to talk about ourselves and why you should give your wine-loving friends our wine! We're guessing your friend is a strong independent woman, just like us! She'll love that we're a company founded and run by women. That alone should convince you. 

But in case you need a few more details to seal the deal, we will share that all of our girls are crisp, dry, and the perfect amount of bubbly. Oh, and likely the best part, we're ZERO sugar. We'll give you a second to let that digest. Currently, we have five delicious flavors, Bev Rose, Bev Gris, Bev Blanc, Bev Noir, and Bev Glitz. Plus, we now have variety packs on our website that are perfect for gifting! 

Accompany the vino with some stemless wine glasses or a decanter to please even the pickiest of wine snobs.

2. A Trip To A Winery

Don't get us wrong; material gifts are fantastic. We will literally never turn down a gift because that is our love language. We find few things more enjoyable than ripping open a beautifully wrapped box to uncover our gift inside, especially when it's a wine gift. It quite literally gets us giddy talking about opening presents. But because we have a gift love language and are therefore self-proclaimed experts, we know that receiving an experience as a gift is magical. While it doesn't come with the same joy of ripping open a gift, it has so much more. Plus, as much as we hate to admit it, material gifts don't last forever. But do you know what does last forever? Beautiful memories with the people we love! So why not give your wine connoisseur friend a trip to a winery? 

Okay, we'll slow down for a hot second. We know that wine trips sound expensive and luxurious. And while they are definitely the latter, they don't necessarily have to be the former. With the right amount of research, you can definitely find a trip or wine tasting that would fit into your budget. Pretty much every state has its wine destination; Montana, New York, and Oregon are three of the most low-key but incredible wine countries we have in the United States. And it's extremely cool to get to see winemakers hard at work making those delicious beverages. 

Do your research, and we're sure you'll find a trip that is absolutely delightful that fits into your budget!

3. Snacks That Go With Wine

To a real enthusiast, wine and food pairings are a big freaking deal. Of course, the main objective of pairing a glass of wine and food is to enhance the dining experience. Today, many pairings directly result from a region's cuisine and wine merging due to being produced in the same location. Is it that coincidental that Italian food tastes more delicious with Italian wine? Not really, if you ask us! 

If you have tried to master the art of pairing your food with your wine, you know that there are so many different suggestions on various websites, books, and magazines. And if you go to a fancy restaurant, you might meet a sommelier whose entire job is dedicated to informing you what to order in regards to food and wine. 

Get your wine-loving friend snacks that are specifically made for the wine they often drink. Or, if you're hoping to take the guesswork out of the equation, you can always buy a gift basket or package that comes with the wine and food, so you're guaranteed a good pairing. Here are a few packages we're thinking of gifting ourselves this year. 

Williams Sonoma Wine Pairing Chocolate Bars

Anybody else drool when they just read 'wine pairing chocolate bars or should we go to the DR and have ourselves checked out? No surprise that Williams Sonoma has customized bars that are formulated to pair perfectly with different wines. Each bar is outlined with what the best wine is to be consumed with it, so your wine-loving friend will have his or her wine planned out for them with every bar, whether they love a bottle of red or are a sucker for champagne.

4. A Wine Bag

If your wine-loving friend is a frequent picnicker, you might want to consider getting him or her a wine bag. Why? Because wine lovers hate when their white wine isn't the perfect temperature. Without the proper wine bag that keeps their wine insulated, they probably have had to endure some frustrating picnics where they enjoyed lukewarm pinot. Honestly, our heart goes out to them. Here are a few bags that we have on our wish lists that we're sure your friend will love!

Genuine Buffalo Leather 6-Bottle Weekender Wine Bag with Single Bottle Carrier, Corkscrew & Aerator

Wine Enthusiast obviously knows what wine lovers want because they're wine enthusiasts. While they have many different bag options that make even the shortest of trips feel like exceptional, special occasions, this bag caught our eye. Made with genuine leather, we love its long-lasting rugged style. The bag can comfortably hold six wine bottles of various sizes and even comes with a wine opener, aerator, and single bottle carrier. 

Picnic at Ascot Original Insulated Wine and Cheese Cooler Bag

Sleek and sophisticated, this wine and cheese tote is insulated to keep two bottles of wine at the perfect temperature! Plus, it comes with two acrylic wine glasses, napkins, a wine bottle opener, a bottle stopper cheese knife (so you don't have to worry about spilling your open bottle), and a hardwood cutting board. Anyone else planning trips to the beach or concerts in their head already? 

5. A Wine Cooler

Look at you, you big spender! A wine cooler is an excellent gift for the wine lover in your life. Whether your friend is really starting to get into wine or perhaps wants to replace their outdated cooler, a sleek stainless steel wine cooler is a great idea. A wine cooler forces your friend to store their wine correctly. 

But choosing a wine cooler (or other expensive wine gadgets, for that matter) for someone else can be difficult. With so many different sizes and options to choose from, we suggest buying a wine cooler for someone only if you know this person very, very well. 

If you want to stick with this idea for a much, much lower price point, consider a wine chiller—these can be beautiful and low in cost, so gift your fellow oenophile (yeah, we're that fancy) a way to keep their favorite chardonnay cool at their next dinner party.

6. Stain Remover

If your friend is a frequent red wine drinker, then they'll seriously appreciate stain remover. You never know when a Merlot accident will occur, and having stain remover on hand is always a good idea! This is also a gift that doesn't come with a huge price tag but incorporates what they love the most! 

Celebrate Your Mutual Love Of Wine

The best part about all of these presents is that they're perfect for you to enjoy alongside them! Cheers to wine and how much we love it!