we've started to ask ourselves: how can we do more to combat systemic racism?

we are listening and continuing the conversation. we want to illuminate the ways to take action and encourage our community to do the same.

consider this a living document where we will update ways to get involved through signing petitions, donating funds, and amplifying black voices.

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petitions make a difference. sign to signal to policy makers and the media what matters.


donate to organizations that are working towards racial justice, equality, and an inclusive society.


seek out black educators and activists who are doing the work. learn from them.


our commitment to cultivate change will ensure we continue to amplify black artists to help make Bev and our creative industry as a whole a more inclusive space for black communities. we are asking you to join us in this effort to share artists' works that inspire and empower.


we've created an online community sharing link that you can upload, view, and download artists work. by being a part of this space you are helping to amplify black art. Bev is committed to sharing and crediting artists work on our platforms.


just here to browse! take a look around and get inspired. if you like an artist make sure to find them on instagram!


open the link and click the plus sign at the bottom right corner to upload art. *by including the artists handle and or name in the images you upload you are making sure they are credited properly!*


click on the three dots that appear when you hover over the image or just click on the image itself to download anything that catches your eye!