Need inspo during dry January?

So does San.

Hi! i’m Dan - one of Bev's good dudes, a former bartender, & your official dry Jan partner in crime. welp, it’s January 2022, but don’t worry, i’m here to help.

If you're here, you must be thinking of joining me for #DRYDANUARY! "wait, seriously? a wine guy going dry?" Yup, it's nuts. obviously, i could use all the help i can get, so if you’re feeling dry-curious, feel free to join me.

Shoot me a text with DRYDAN to get served encouragement, tips, & honest humor during the longest month of the year. Can't wait to cheers to our success in February!

The only wine company crazy enough to

Do dry January

Because Bev drinks differently…

Why would a cute lil’ wine company support dry January? Because Bev believes in an inclusive, respectful drinking culture that celebrates responsibility so everyone can own their fun. besides, being missed isn’t such a bad thing ;)

We’re here to BREAK THE GLASS in every way; whether it’s making delicious zero sugar wine, creating a voice for women in male dominated-environments, or supporting our friends when they take a break. we do it DIFFERENT, & we do it BETTER.

So help us ring in a new type of drinking culture made by chicks. & good dudes. & Dan. & now, you!