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  • We don't add anything to our wine except bubbles! All juice, no additives. Our wine has 0% sugar because of our grapes & the blending / fermentation process. Each can is around 160 calories, only 3 carbs, and 11% ABV. Each can holds 8.4oz of wine. (a glass and a half!)

  • For most U.S. states orders typically arrive in 2-3 days from order! Wow, that's fast! *Note that due to COVID-19, some orders are delayed up to 10 days due stress on the delivery system during this time.

  • Tracking numbers are sent out as soon as your order ships - either by text or email, whichever you chose on checkout :) If you have any questions about the status of your order, you can check your order status via your account.

  • 1.68! A serving size is 5oz and our cans are 8.4oz! 4 (250ML) cans = 1.3 bottles (1 liter). One case (24-pack) is equivalent to 8 bottles of wine!

  • Not yet! But we hope to one day.

  • Yes! You need to be present with a valid ID.

  • EVERYWHERE IN THE US except: Alabama, Alaska, Arkansas, Delaware, Kentucky, Louisiana, Mississippi, New Jersey, Rhode Island, Utah.

  • All of our wines are 100 calories per serving or 160 calories per can! And only 3 (cute little) carbs per can!

  • All of our wines have zero sugar and no additives or artificial sugars. We designed our fermentation process specifically to remove all sugar after the alcohol is fermented. We’re the first recognized TTB-approved canned wine to do it and we’re biased but it’s f*cking delicious.

  • Yes!

  • All of our wines are crisp, dry, and a little fizzy!

  • All of our wines are from Central Coast, California! And they’re so happy!

  • Yes, our variety pack (better known as ladies night) includes two 4-packs of each main varietal. (Rosé, Blanc, and Gris)

  • Yes! And we hope you do. Our cans are aluminum and easily recyclable.

  • We just like doing things different! Cans can be recycled and are better for the environment than glass bottles. Plus, they are so cute!

  • We do not use any ingredients that would make Bev non-kosher but our facilities have NOT received certification from a rabbi.

  • All one time orders over $60 & any order through Bev Club (no matter the cost) will be shipped on us - always! Our team at the warehouse works their tails off to pack up & ship out all orders within 24 hours of receiving the order. Every order ships via UPS ground shipping & is typically on your doorstep within 2-5 days (usually closer to 2 days).