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  • 1.68! A serving size is 5oz and our cans are 8.4oz! 4 (250ML) cans = 1.3 bottles (1 liter). One case (24-pack) is equivalent to 8 bottles of wine!

  • All of our wines are 100 calories per serving or 160 calories per can! And only 3-4 (cute little) carbs per can!

  • All of our wines have zero sugar. We designed our fermentation process specifically to remove all sugar after the alcohol is fermented. We’re biased but it’s delicious.

  • All of our wines are crisp, dry, and a little fizzy!

  • All of our wines are from Central Coast, California! And they’re so happy!

  • Yes! And we hope you do. Our cans are aluminum and easily recyclable.

  • We just like doing things different! Cans can be recycled. Plus, they are so cute!

  • We do not use any ingredients that would make Bev non-kosher but our facilities have NOT received certification from a rabbi.