6 Pack | $34

shipping included!

12 Pack | $64

shipping included!

24 Pack | $120

shipping included!

Bev Tip! Ship to your work - someone (21+) must be present to accept delivery!


West coast is the best coast.



With less than .06g of sugar, it’s the lowest hangover to highest fun ratio.



Oh lovely! So drinkable, I’ll have another!

Tasting notes: The wine has bright fruit aromatics of strawberry, raspberry and white peach. Taste of watermelon with crisp acidity but not sweet. Wine color is that of healthy sea coral and pale pink lemonade.

Pairs well with: brunch

Serve chilled – fridge please!


Kira, 28

Los Angeles, CA

“I just got my first case of Bev and love it so much. Thank goodness I got a 12 pack, between myself and my roommates Bev goes fast! I love the taste and the can is perfect for any occasion!”

Marilyn, 26

Seattle, WA

“PRO TIP: Get Bev delivered to your office so you dont miss signing for it. I love Bev so much as a beverage and a brand. My favorite brand to follow on IG and my favorite drink to bring to a party. LOVE!”

William, 31

West Hollywood, CA

“My boyfriend and I throw monthly brunches with our friends and Bev is literally perfect. Especially when we have people in the back yard, no more broken glass!”

Dan, 25

Los Angeles, CA

“I had my first Bev at Coachella this year and loved it. Perfectly refreshing, easy to carry and it hit the spot… I made sure to grab extras to share with my friends, too!”

If you’re not 100% satisfied with your first sip, we promise to make everything right. If you have any questions, before or after purchasing, please let us know!


Currently, Bev can be shipped to:

Arizona, California, Colorado, DC, Florida, Illinois, Maryland, Massachusetts, Michigan, Minnesota, New Hampshire, New York, North Carolina, Ohio, Oregon, Pennsylvania, Texas, and Virginia!

We’re looking forward to bringing Bev to more states in the future. Check here for announcements!