14 Ideas For Date Night At Home

Depending on where you are in your relationship, you may be going out every night basking in your love, or you might be bogged down with work, kids, and other life stressors. Regardless of where you are, one thing remains essential: continuing to go on dates and keep the fun spark in the relationship. That being said, dating and going out all of the time can start to get expensive. And going to the same restaurant and doing the whole song and dance can get dull. That's why we came up with fourteen tips that you can do at home that are far more exciting than the usual night. Take a peek; you might find one you can try tonight!

Movie Theatre Night

We all have movies and tv shows that are on our must-watch list. But, why not make it a special night by finding something that you wouldn't usually watch. Share a family favorite or a childhood favorite to enjoy something new (and old) together. You can learn a lot about a person by their favorite childhood movie. Plus, can you really beat the nostalgia of a trip down memory lane? Turn your Netflix and Chill movie night into a creative date night by creating a movie theater in your own living room, complete with decorative tickets and popcorn. Line up yummy snacks like take-out, finger foods, cookie dough, and ice cream sundaes to really make the night special.

DIY Spa Date

Indulge yourself and your partner in a spa night....at home! Whether it's taking a bubble bath together, putting on face masks, or giving each other massages, make sure you're relishing your time together and getting your much-needed R&R. If touch or quality time are your love languages, this home date night idea is for you. Break out the fuzzy robes and cute sweats, light candles, and indulge in luxury from the comfort of your own home.

Boozy Board Game Night

Grab a bottle of (or a couple of cans) of wine, create a magnificent cheese board and battle each other like your life depends on it! With so many board games and quiz games out there, you can find one that will have your competitive juices flowing. Also, did you know competition happens to be an aphrodisiac? We might have made that up, but regardless, game nights are fun date night that will challenge yourself and one another. Plus, games are easy to make a double or even group date if you have other couples you're both mutual friends with. 

Wine and Paint Night

Ever wanted to try one of those wine and paint nights? Why not try now! There are so many directions you can take this idea, from kits that come premade with step-by-step directions or going rogue and painting each other. Grab a bottle from your favorite winery, put on your favorite album, and make this home date idea a romantic, artistic event to remember.

Fondue for Two

A meal that requires you to slow down and wait for your meal to cook, fondue is the ultimate romantic meal. It's perfect for those looking for more time to be in each other's presence and talk. But also, it typically includes cheese, and chocolate for dessert! Dip cookies and cakes in a chocolate fondue, or find a cheese fondue recipe that really sets the mood. How much better could it get?

Living Room Camping 

Unplug for the night and grab some blankets. An indoor camping experience can be a wild experience if you let yourself pretend you're actually camping. And if you're asking us, indoor camping is far better than outdoor camping. Stay up and watch the sunrise from the comfort of your own living room (or backyard).

Living Room Picnic

Like picnicking outside but without the ants and grass stains, you're welcome. The ideal indoor picnic has a few elements needed: a blanket, pillows for your tushy, and food. And by food, we actually mean a ton of wine and a ton of cheese. Of course, you can add even more details to transform your picnic to wherever you desire virtually. 

Make Dinner Together

This romantic date night idea is a classic for a reason. Whip up a romantic dinner complete with the perfect playlist and candles lit at sunset. Together as a team, you and your spouse can make numerous easy romantic meals that look and even taste as delicious as any expensive restaurant out there. Of course, if you want to take the extra steps to make this dinner fantastic, you can set up a lovely centerpiece and tablecloth situation that quickly transforms your home into an authentic restaurant. Make your favorite dish from your favorite restaurant, play your favorite songs, and finish out the night with a chocolate tasting.

DIY Cheese and Wine Tasting

The great part about cheese and wine nights are they not only pair our favorite beverages with some of our favorite foods, but they are also an excuse to eat snacks for dinner. Do your research and make sure to pair your wines with cheeses that complement one another. For example, try pairing a Sauvignon Blanc with goat cheese. Why? Because most goat cheeses are a clean slate, making the citrus and mineral notes enhance the nutty and herbal flavors in goat cheese. The acidity also cuts through the heaviness deliciously. Might we suggest Bev Blanc? 

Have a Scavenger Hunt

It doesn't matter how old you are; there is something about scavenger hunts that everyone loves! The thrill of racing to figure out a clue is downright exhilarating! Make clues that only your significant other would know or things that relate to your story as a couple together in pictures or whatever else it is that helps share it. 

Celebrate Christmas… in the Summertime

Have yourself a Merry little Christmas! Even if it's not beginning to look anything like Christmas, you can celebrate! Grab your ugly sweater, some twinkle lights, and some mistletoe, and enjoy the spirit of Christmas in a way that makes your heart happy. 

DIY Pizza Night

Pizza your heart out! Forget about the reservations, costly bills, and long waiting times for a table by making your dinner at home. And you know what is always a good idea? Pizza. Everyone loves pizza! And making your own pizza at home happens to be extremely fun. Pizza is the perfect excuse to curl up watching movies while eating. Turning pizza-making into an at-home date is unique and also not too costly! Make it into a competition by seeing who can create the most delicious one! 

Brinner (AKA Breakfast for Dinner)

After all, they say breakfast is the most important meal of the day, don't they? Does anything lighten up a relationship quite like bacon and fried eggs? Not only is brinner a great way to change up the usual dinner routine, but it also is easier to cook and prepare for. 

Karaoke Like No One Is Watching

Couples who do karaoke night together, stay together. So go ahead and sing your heart out. Whether your karaoke song is "Fergalicious" or you're into musicals, you can sing without any fear alongside the person who loves you exactly the way you are.