16 Themes For Your Perfect Summer Party

After so many months stuck inside during COVID, we know we can't wait to bust out and enjoy some time together! Whether it's a family trip or just spending an afternoon celebrating with family and friends, it's time to get out there and be the social butterflies we were destined to become. Summer parties don't have to be relegated to a Fourth of July party, a memorial day party, and the occasional birthday. To keep the fun going all summer long, we've come up with some excuses to hang out and be together with some themed parties. So, get ready to celebrate because we're doing summer 2021 big! 

Ice Cream Social

There's nothing better on a hot summer day than a big bowl of ice cream. Turn an iconic summertime treat into a fun ice cream party with just five essential ingredients: a scoop, glasses filled with toppings like sprinkles, waffle cones for serving, and candies for decorating the desserts. You can keep this summer party theme modern, or make your party a 1950s-themed ice cream social with vintage decor and retro costumes.

French Garden Picnic

Life is more satisfying with picnics. And by picnic, we mean life is better with wine. Say hello to summer and bring your group together with food, wine, chocolate macrons, and laughter. With the proper party decorations and accouterments, you'll create an immersive experience that will have your friends feeling like they've been whisked away from their everyday lives to Paris. This upscale summer party idea combines the beauty of a cocktail party with the outdoorsy charm of a picnic. Set the mood with a classy party invitation and entertain your guests with a special outdoor wine tasting just for them. 

Picnic parties are so much more than just eating ham sandwiches or grabbing takeout; getting outside into nature brings us closer together.  

Scavenger Hunt

An outdoor and indoor treasure hunt party can include anything. As you likely know, the premise is simple: hide various prizes in either indoors or outdoors areas with many potential hiding spots, leave some clue as to which one they are hidden at (not too hard!), print enough copies, so each participant has their own map/list, and start hunting! This idea is great for adults and kids alike, and you can finish out your afternoon of fun with a backyard pool party that's guaranteed to make a splash—just don't forget your pool toys! A scavenger hunt is a clever idea if you need someone else to do your dirty work...


 Inspired by a romanticized interpretation of western agricultural life, cottagecore, also known as farmcore and country core, is centered on ideas of simple living and harmony with nature. A cottage core party idea is mainly based on vibes, drawing together all of the most enjoyable elements of going off and living on a farm or in a cabin in the woods. Find inspiration in a rural fairy-tale, escapist aesthetic. Hang lanterns, light candles, and DIY your own flower garlands to turn your backyard into a delicate, fanciful fairyland. Serve fresh fruits like watermelons, blackberries, and strawberries—bonus points if they were picked fresh off the vine. Birthday cake is always welcome, even if it isn't a birthday party, and bubbles should be in subtle but constant supply. Your guests can sit on embroidered pillows and take carefully-staged candids for their Instagram feeds.


Enjoy a blast from the past with a Y2K party! A party that lets you wear your favorite trends from the late 90s to the year 2000, Y2k actually has a deeper meaning than many think. The Y2k aesthetic came about in the last years of the 1990s when people were both excited and frightened by technology rapidly developing. As such, the year 2000 meant a new era, and for some, they believed it mean the end of the world. Because of this rather alarming prospect, the late 1990s was fashioned by luxury consumerism, hoarding designers, and following futuristic trends. This concept was reflected in streetwear filled with bling, logos, and cuts that evoked a streamlined technology. 

Decades Party

Turning 30, 40, or 50? Celebrate the significant milestone of entering a new and exciting decade of your life by recreating the decade you grew up in! Our favorite decade party? Prom! It's a fun way for everyone to come dressed in their own decade's fashion, you'll see who has been keeping themselves looking young! 

Clam Bake

If you are constantly craving seafood, this party is for you! A clambake is a tradition that goes all of the way back to our country's beginnings when Native Americans taught settlers the art of steaming fresh seafood on New England's shores. Today, there is significantly less catching of food and more eating. A standard modern clambake includes lobster, clams, mussels, potatoes, and corn.

Block Party

Get your neighborhood together for a block party! Let members of your community congregate for food, booze, and enjoyment. Shut down your street for a neighborhood carnival, combining the spectacle of the circus with the fun of a county fair. Set up a ring toss, bob for apples, and have a free lemonade stand. Pop some popcorn, hand out popsicles, and let each house on your block set up their own special corner of the party for a unique and personalized fiesta.

Beach BBQ

Is there anything better than a summer BBQ? But also, is there anything better than a beach theme party? Man, have we found ourselves in a predicament. Basically, what we're saying is, a beach barbecue is a combination of the earth's best things—it's like a backyard BBQ, if the ocean was in your backyard. Throw some burgers and chicken sandwiches on the grill, and no BBQ party would be complete without a plentiful amount of sides. Grab a few friends, your swimsuit, and of course, don't forget your grill, and you can create a fun party that virtually makes itself. 

Backyard Camping

According to some people, you can't beat sleeping under the stars. But...to be honest, some of us, not naming names or anything, don't believe in camping. We believe in fun and effortless ways to experience the great outdoors without packing up camp or lugging our baggage (and Bev-erages) through the woods. Seriously, can't we have the best of both worlds?!

Yes! We can. Enter the backyard camping experience. With just a few snacks, lights, blankets, and maybe a tent, you can turn your own backyard (or a friend's) into the ultimate sleepover party. Experience the outdoors in a way that makes you feel comfortable and safe without worrying about schedules, commitments, or using the outdoors as your personal bathroom. 

Chili Cook-Off

Want a party where you do virtually no work? The Chilli cook-off party is the one for you. Find a place for a party, and then encourage your friends to bring their best family recipe for a contest where they get free chili, and, of course, bragging rights. What do you get? A party where you don't have to provide anything but a location. You are welcome!

Kentucky Derby Days

Get out your finest hats and prepare for the Kentucky Derby...even if the Kentucky Derby isn't even happening! While the Kentucky Derby is about celebrating all-things horse racing, there is so much more than the racing. For starters, didn't we start this paragraph talking about hats? Exactly. Plan a party around the Kentucky Derby aesthetics, and you have a day of dressing nicely and mint julep sipping!

Potluck Dinner Party

A potluck party is often an exceptional technique to get people together, have fun and enjoy some tasty dishes. The party also means easy cleaning up and less work for you!

Wild West

Throw a Western party for your cowboy-loving friends! Call it a hoedown or get creative and host a showy cook-off. 

Summer Olympics

Get in on the excitement of the Olympics by throwing a party celebrating it. There are many creative ways to make this theme exciting, like competitions for gold or having everyone represent a different country. Of course, simply enjoying food and wine while watching your favorite sport's competitors is also an option. Above anything else, GO TEAM USA!

Drive-In Movie

Have enough room for a big screen and projector? Wow, lucky you! Whether you do or don't, a movie night is always fun. Make it a marathon or have people dress up as their favorite character and serve themed cocktails and foods.