8. Birthday Wine Ideas

What Do You Get For A Wine Lover?

From one wine lover to another, we can't tell you how excited we are that you have made friends with another wine lover! These are our kind of people, and they deserve to be grandly celebrated and showered with only the best birthday gifts. Luckily, as wine lovers ourselves, we know a thing or two about what a real wine lover is hoping for at his or her birthday party. And don't worry, it's not just wine. In addition to coming up with creative gifts we just know all wine lovers will love, we've also kept in mind everyone's budgets because we're responsible wine drinkers like that. 

Cheers to thinking outside of the champagne bottle and find your friend's gifts that will make them super grape-ful! 

1. Wine, Of Course

We're still thinking outside of the bottle because we suggest that you gift some canned wine! And by canned wine, we, of course, mean yours truly: Bev! These days, we have a flavor for everyone, even most recently, for our red wine drinkers! Our girls currently consist of Bev Rose, Bev Blanc, Bev Gris, Bev Noir, and Bev Glitz. All are delightful with zero sugar and, of course, a whole lot of fizziness. 

To encourage you even further, we conveniently created gift options on our site where you can choose exactly what you want to give. Pick from variety packs or just a few packs of your friend's favorite flavor, and we'll get their wine gift to them in no time at all for a way to say happy birthday. Oh, and the best part, the shipping is always on us! 

2. A Wine Subscription

Whether your friend's wine selection process consists of picking the prettiest wine bottle label or they only purchase the same bottles time and time again, a wine subscription is always a good gift idea. Why? Because it encourages the wine lover to explore beyond their usual go-tos! Moreover, your friends might just discover exceptional vintages or new flavors they didn't know they loved! Their wine opportunities are endless! 

In gifting a wine subscription, you are essentially making your wine-loving friend's life easier. They can now pick out the best bottles of wine that suit their interests and have them delivered directly to their front door. (Can you tell we're really into shipping and convenience these days?) 

Another perk about a wine subscription? You'll no longer have to feel obligated to bring a bottle of wine over when you head to their house to watch "The Bachelor." Why? Because you have gifted them enough wine already—bringing another bottle would just be....weird. Well, we take that back. You can always bring a few cans of Bev because although we might be slightly biased, Bev is always a good idea. 

3. A Cheese Board

What goes better with wine than cheese? Exactly, nothing! In our lives, cheese isn't just food; it's a way of life. And those who often wine and cheese know that. Here's the funny thing about cheeseboards, there are so many different types. In fact, we're going to go out on a limb and say there might be as many different types of cheese boards as there are cheeses. and while you might think of these as a housewarming gift, they work equally well for a birthday celebration. With that in mind, we highlighted a few below that we think would make your wine drinking loved one's day! 

Compact Swivel Cheese Board: Essentially, the transformers of cheese boards! With tons of different compartments that easily fold into a small container, this cheese board is perfect for someone who doesn't have a whole lot of storage room! Plus, they usually come with cheese forks and knives, so all you need to do is add the cheese....well, cheese and wine, of course! 

Agate Cheese Board: If you have a friend that swears by the healing power of crystals, look no further for a gift that will stand out. Cheese alone has the ability to cure all ailments, so we have to believe cheese served on a plate made of crystal creates some sort of magic cheese. We're not quite sure what their superpower is, but trust us, we're going to find out. 

Chalkboard Cheese Board: Talk about the perfect gift for a wine drinker who is really into organization and/or hates when their food touches. With a chalkboard cheese board, you can label each cheese and food item with ease but still make it chic enough for the obligatory Instagram post! 

If you want to take this gift even further, you can put together a gift basket full of everything that they need to make the perfect charcuterie board. 

4. Monogrammed Wine Glasses

Perfect for the preppy wine snob in your life! In our humble opinion, custom wine glasses are both a fun and functional gift for your friend's special birthday. Because let's be honest, is there such thing as having too many wine glasses? Exactly. A customized wine glass is a way that your friend can always think back on the times you spent drinking wine together, whether you were popping a bottle of chardonnay or drinking a leisurely glass of cabernet sauvignon. And this keepsake is essentially un-killable and will survive any kitchen purges your friend may have in their future.  

5. An Electric Corkscrew

There is a reason we make our wine in cans: because they're easy to open and drink whenever. Okay, that isn't exactly why we created our wines in cans, but consider this a pro, for sure!

If your friend often finds him or herself often struggling opening all those birthday wine bottles, make their lives (and their special day) easier with a sophisticated electric corkscrew that will open bottles with maximum ease and speed. 

6. A Wine Saver

Have a friend who is almost always the host? Get him or her a wine saver, so they no longer have to worry about those half-drunk bottles of pinot noir at the end of the night. Although oxygen is necessary for us humans, it also happens to be the enemy of good wine! Plus, today, there are all sorts of wine savers on the market, so we're pretty sure you'll find one that suits your friend's needs and fits into your price range! If you're the one hosting the party, these make awesome party favors, as well. 

7. A Personalized Wine Bottle

Gifting wine to your wine lover friends is always a good idea, whether they like red or white wine (or both). So why not up the anty and make a personalized wine label to go with it! A unique way of keeping your name on your friend's mind, a customized happy birthday wine bottle also ensures that your friend will enjoy your gift with you! Talk about a win-win!

8. A Portable Wine Glass

Plans and life wait for nobody, even the wine-lover. Luckily, wine lovers are extra creative and have created ways that they can drink on the go. Take, for example, stemless insulated wine glasses. They're insulated, spill-proof, and virtually unbreakable. If your wine-loving friend is into pouring him or herself a glass of wine and getting into a hot tub, then this is the gift for them! 

Celebrate Their Birthday With Some Vino

All in all, whatever you decide to gift your friend, their birthday calls for Vino! So cheers to everyone who loves wine and their wine-loving friends!