Gifts for Her: 11 Christmas Gifts for the 2020 Holiday Season

For most people, the holidays are a time to celebrate and show your family and friends how much you care about them. This year will look a little different, and some of us will be spending our holidays on Zoom instead of in person. But, let's stay positive and focus on the good: the holidays are your excuse to drink all of the drinks and eat all of the foods. So, continue reading below and prepare for your bank account to take a hit because you have great gifts to buy and people to please! 

What to Get That Special Lady

So, you have special women in your life who are so important to you that you simply can not fathom ruining their Christmas by getting them the wrong gift or showing up with only a gift card to offer. We get it and love that little heart of yours! Basically, whatever you do, just don't get her a Dyson vacuum cleaner or a hair dryer as a holiday gift— you'll thank us later. Christmas gifts are a little bit different than your standard Mother's Day or birthday gift. As a female-owned and run company, we figured we should give back to the community and share with others what thoughtful gifts are the best gifts to give this holiday season. So, buckle up, take money out of your savings, and prepare to give your special someone a gift that she'll always remember! 

1. Her Favorite Drinks

We're going to go out on a limb (and compliment ourselves) and safely assume that a wine is your girl's favorite drink. And what better way to celebrate your strong independent wine lover girlfriend than to give her drinks made by strong independent girls? Rhetorical question, in case you're wondering. If we're wrong about wine being her favorite drink, here are our two selling points that might just make wine her new favorite drinks: one, we're a company run by girls, and two, we have zero sugar. 

Everyone who takes a sip of our crisp, dry, and fizzy drink is amazed to discover we have zero sugar in our wines. It's actually pretty revolutionary. We also come in three delicious flavors: Bev Rose, Bev Gris, and Bev Blanc. From our Bev Blanc, who is a little zippy, to our Bev Gris, who is light and refreshing, to our Bev Rose, who is dry and a little fizzy, all of our wines have their personalities that your girl will love to get to know! And frankly, who you will love to get to know! 

Toss in a wine glass with a monogram or a cheese board with your wine bottle and you'll have the perfect personalized gift. And ok, we guess if her favorite drink is coffee, you could supplement your gift of Bev with a fancy new coffee maker or a quality roast.

2. Jewelry

Unless you live under a rock, you know that jewelry is basically the best gift idea for someone special in your life. Before you freak out and assume we're talking about an engagement ring, know there are all types of jewelry that you can get her that doesn't scream, "next step is engagement ring time!" A birthstone necklace in rose gold or sterling silver is a unique gift that's both beautiful and far, far away from any ideas about wedding gifts.

Jewelry is lasting and so much more meaningful than just another run of the mill purchase. Some of us still have the cheap necklaces our highschool boyfriend gave us. It was meaningful even if the relationship was well….crap. 

If purchased correctly and not like our highschool boyfriend's gifts, jewelry is an investment that can appreciate in value and be passed on from generation to generation. Heck, someday, this piece of jewelry could be a new family tradition. Oops, we're not trying to freak you out. Does the commitment stuff scare you? *backs away slowly* 

All kidding aside, part of giving jewelry is about the presentation. There are so many unique ways to doll up your gift and make it as impressive as the gift itself. For example, if there is a slightly blue box reminiscent of the cult favorite Tiffany's blue box, some girls would literally suddenly turn into ninjas and karate chop whoever they had to to get to that box. 

3. A Luxe Scarf

Fashion and style come and go, but scarves are here to stay forever. With their versatility, longevity, fashion, and warmth, scarves make the perfect gift for someone you love. 

Scarves are fabulous because they take your outfit to a new level that you didn't even know existed. Plus, they take up like zero room in your closet, so your girl can have as many as she pleases and make a ridiculous amount of trendy, adorable outfits using very little real clothing, even if all she wears right now are leggings.

Since you're giving this gift during the Christmas season and we can safely assume it's likely colder than usual, there's nothing more romantic than saying you want them to stay warm. Unless you let her keep your favorite jacket, that might be a little more romantic. 

4. A Face Mask Gift Set

A Korean beauty staple that has exploded in the last few years and has men and women obsessed. Whether you're going to buy some as a stocking stuffer or have it be your entire gift, a sheet mask is perfect for anyone who takes their skincare seriously or is a major homebody. Plus, absolutely nobody looks good in a sheet mask. That is part of the fun, after all. 

Right now, we're also dealing with a little bit of mascne. You know, the acne that our masks cause us? And although we appreciate and respect the fact that our masks are made to protect others, the acne that it brings is very frustrating! A sheet mask can clear that right up with the added bonus of some self-care time. And don't worry, your girl will not think you're telling her she has terrible, broken-out skin. But if she does, run for the hills because she sounds like a level of high maintenance that's even worse than us, and that's hard for us to fathom. 

Sheet masks are also ridiculously powerful for not so much money, so pop into your local beauty store or Sephora to find exactly what you're looking for. With plenty of options to choose from, we're confident your girl will love how amazing and refreshed she will feel after using her new sheet masks, and she'll only have you (and us) to thank. 

5. A Fun Subscription Box

The easiest way to remind her that you love her every month is with a fun subscription box. Today, there are so many options. Whether she loves her dog or cat, is a gadget fiend, has a thing for knitting, or is obsessed with fitness, we can almost guarantee there's a box made for her. Plus, once a month, you'll get points for a gift you gave months ago! Talk about an easy win! 

6. A Polaroid Camera

Your girl doesn't have to be on Kim Kardashian's selfie-taking level to love a polaroid camera. A polaroid camera is such a unique alternative to modern-day photography methods and will instantly provide you memories of your and your best friend that will last a lifetime. They're easy to slide into her tote or crossbody and bring on the go so that you can always capture that perfect moment.

7. A Silk Pillowcase

Have you ever stopped to think about how intimate and gross pillows are? Unless you have zero saliva, which is impossible, you, at some point in your life, have awoken in a puddle of your own drool. But that's not the worst that's on your pillow. When you start to think about the sweat, the dead skin cells, and potential dog dandruff on there, you might not ever sleep again. Alas, until a silk pillowcase enters the chat room. 

Give your girl the treat of waking up every morning glowing. Not only are you gifting her a good night's sleep, but you're also giving her a skincare hack people in the beauty industry swear by and a beautiful piece of home decor. Silk pillowcases don't absorb skin oils or lotions that you put on before bed, so when you awaken, you're soft and smooth. What better way to say I love you than showing her you love when she glows! 

8. A Snack Pack

One of the most romantic things we heard at a wedding is that their significant other would make them snacks for the workday. Prevent her from being hungry and prepare all of her favorite snacks to show her you care! This will also show that you actually know her exceptionally well and that you've been listening to her when she explains her like

9. Wireless Headphones


Alright, let's level with you. If you've been quarantining with your significant other, you know how frustrating it can be to sit and listen to every single Zoom meeting they go on. Although you've learned a lot about your SO's place of work, you're already bored of hearing about all of Gretchen's cats and think Leigh's drama is ridiculous. Give a gift that will change your life as well as hers and opt for Bluetooth wireless headphones, whether they're Apple AirPods or something a little more gamer-friendly.   

10. A Winter Getaway

Sometimes, you need to get away. Another gift that is mutually beneficial for you, give her the ultimate winter getaway. If you SO is into winter sports, what better time than now than to head to the slopes? IF she's more into reading by a fire, also a great idea. 

Now happens to be a great time to take a quick trip away from home because so many hotels have fantastic perks! You don't even need to hop on an airplane, find a place nearby, hop in your car, and enjoy the adventure. Hotels right now are dying for you to visit, so who are you to deny them of their wishes? Tell BAE about your plans and head to the mountains, the beach, the desert, or even the hotel in your neighborhood.