How To Build The Ultimate Hangover Kit

Now that the world is starting to reopen up and we can go out and about, there's one thing we can be confident of: hangovers are coming. We've all had one: tired, hungover, and in serious need of something that actually works, not just something that an old myth tells us works.  

Unfortunately, most of the time, when we're drinking, we don't set out the things that we might need the next day; we're talking about water and painkillers. Instead, what typically happens is you fall asleep in a drunken slumber, still caked in makeup. The aftermath? A not-so-great feeling when waking up in the morning. 

A hangover is known for imparting various symptoms: headache, nausea, diarrhea, loss of appetite, and fatigue. You can feel miserable for more than 24 hours, well beyond the time your blood alcohol concentration returns to its normal state. So then, why do you feel so gross? Inflammation. 

Hangover Kit?

First, you're going to need a place to house all of your supplies. So look around your home for some boxes, bags, or Tupperware, anything that is big enough that can house all of your contents but small enough that it can be lugged around. 

So What Exactly Is A Hangover Kit?

By definition, a hangover kit is a bag or box packed with the tools and solutions needed to transition from a night out on the town to a pain-free next day. 


Alcohol is a diuretic, which means you tend to urinate more than usual and become dehydrated. Being dehydrated is the source of numerous hangover symptoms, in addition to alcohol depleting your body's mineral levels. Below are some liquids that will help you restore your body to its pre-drinking state. 


Water! Aqua! H2O! Not only is water effective at helping prevent a hangover the night and day before, but it is also crucial in curing hangovers. Like we said, a massive part of why you feel so horrible the next day is because you're dehydrated. Making sure you have water in your hangover kit and that you're drinking it before, during, and after consuming alcohol will make a huge difference. 

But, if you have a nasty hangover and your stomach is too queasy for water, grab carbonated mineral water. The sparkling water bubbles will help ease your nausea, and some brands even contain sodium and potassium, two things that are often depleted after a night of booze. 


In addition to water, Pedialyte also helps with dehydration. Not only does it provide electrolytes to help the imbalance that occurs after drinking, but it also helps low blood sugar. 

Banana milkshake with honey

If you have a queasy stomach but need to eat to get your day going, try a banana milkshake with honey. Why these ingredients? For starters, bananas are rich in minerals like potassium and magnesium, which are crucial to refill as they are often depleted after drinking heavily. Additionally, bananas are easy on the stomach while simultaneously soothing irritation and nausea. Believe it or not, milk is also easy on your stomach and can also help your gastric tract and rehydrate your body. Lastly, in addition to being a sweetener, honey also contains fructose, which aids in speeding up alcohol metabolism while boosting sugar levels and providing energy. 

Coconut Water

Sports drinks like Gatorade and Powerade are high in potassium and other electrolytes. Like these fluids, coconut water is filled with electrolytes and happens to be a natural variation.


While these liquids can get you back to your normal levels, they sometimes don't do their job in making your feel better right away. If you need an extra hand, here are a few supplements and medications that can help get you on your feet. 


Anti-inflammatory medications like NSAIDs, ibuprofen, and naproxen help reduce hangover severity. Additionally, 

Pepto Bismol

In addition to reducing inflammation in general, you might have some lingering symptoms, such as nausea or an upset stomach. Pepcid, Zantac, or Zofran helps nip these symptoms in the bud, allowing you to go about your day a little easier. 

Granola Bar

Eating something is one of the easiest ways to start making yourself feel better. A snack like a protein bar, banana, or nutty granola bars is a good option because they are rich in potassium and sodium, the electrolytes get depleted while drinking. 

Fiber Rich Foods

Aid your body's recovery by consuming foods that are high in fiber. Load up on vitamins and minerals with dark, leafy greens. Dark greens are among the most nutritious food items known, and because they contain nutrients, amino acids, and minerals, they aid the body in recovery. Additionally, fiber helps with digestive issues like diarrhea or constipation that heavy drinking often causes. Chewing on some ginger could also help reduce your stomach-centric symptoms.


Ever taken a look at yourself in the mirror after a night out drinking? Sometimes that thing staring back at you isn't that pretty. Here are a few tools you should have in your skin hangover kit for making you look better on the outside. 

Wet Wipes Makeup Removal

If you're falling into bed after a night of drinking, there's a good chance you didn't take the extra few minutes to remove your makeup. Instead of heading to brunch or work with a raccoon, smeared eye look, make sure you have wet wipe packets or make-up removal wipes so you can easily remove your makeup

Hydrating Face Mask

Hydration is key, and not just for your body. While dehydration is felt internally, it can also be seen and felt in your skin, particularly your face. To rehydrate your skin quickly, make sure you have a hydrating face mask available. Experts suggest reaching for masks and moisturizers with caffeine or ingredients that pull water into the skin, like glycerin or hyaluronic acid, and soothing ingredients like jojoba seed oil, olive fruit oil. Just make sure your skincare is free from sulfates, parabens, silica, or artificial fragrance. If you wouldn't include it in your daily lotion, don't put it in your hangover kit.

Body Spray

A much-needed oz of eau de parfum should make its way into any good hangover kit so you don't smell as bad as you look. Would you rather smell like an arctic cranberry, or last night's cranberry vodka?


Your skin needs more of a morning-after antidote than just hydration. If you're putting together a hangover kit that's just for you, individuals can curate their kit to their unique skin types. Maybe you add a retinol you can apply right before bed, or maybe you want a serum or essence with citric acid, benzoic acid, asorbic acid, stearic acid, thymus vulgaris flower (thyme leaf extract), willow bark extract, or vitamin C

Lip Balm

Like a hydrating face mask, lip balm is necessary to pull that water back into your lips. 

A Nail File

If you've ever broken a nail during a night out, you'll know exactly what we're talking about. Save yourself the pain and keep nail clippers and a nail file on hand 24/7.


We're guessing if you didn't wash your face before bed, there's also a good chance you didn't brush your teeth. While this is a judgment-free zone, sometimes it takes a little more than just brushing your teeth to get the stench of booze off of your breath. That'sThat's when you need to bring in a little extra help -- especially now that wearing a mask all of the time is no longer necessary. 


And, if all else fails, oversized sunglasses can cover your face and your red post-drinking eyes. 

Party On

Whether you're handing out a wedding hangover kit to your guests or keeping a DIY hangover kit for yourself, a hangover recovery kit is the perfect party favor when you know you're about to throw an exciting affair. Prevent next-morning discomfort and sickness with these hangover kit ideas for a bachelorette party to remember, for a bride and groom prepping for their upcoming wedding day, or just best friends throwing a house party.  Don't forget a power bank and a spare charger so you can tell your friends that you got home safe!