Inexpensive Gifts For Coworkers Perfect For Your Next Work Party

What To Gift Your Fav Coworker

There's something magical when you become friends with a colleague. The moment you go from strangers who sit next to each other in the office to friends who cackle and take too many coffee breaks to gossip about your boss. Colleagues make or break your working experience and if you're lucky enough to have one that makes your life infinitely better, take this holiday season to show him or her how much they mean to you! And we don't mean with office supplies— no one wants a gift of sticky notes and paper clips.

Because we're an office filled with BFFs (and don't worry boss, we don't gossip about you!), we've put together a list of gift ideas that our colleagues have given us that we absolutely love. The best part: all these coworker gifts extraordinarily affordable but significant! Some of them can even be purchased last-minute if you just so happened to forget that you were getting each other small gifts this year. Let's get to it! 

A Personalized Mug

If you and your coworker find that you're both continually refilling your coffees at the same time, perhaps a personalized mug is the right office gift! A cozy coffee mug is something that never goes out of style, nor will it fade in utility. It's a unique gift that can range from sentiment and lovely to something totally ridiculous for a gag gift, and can easily be put in a cute gift box. You could even toss in a gift card to your local coffee shop or a coffee gift set to keep with the theme. With mugs, the world is truly your oyster. 

Mugs make a great gift because, let's face it, most normal people start off their day with a strong cup of coffee or a wake-up team. Wouldn't it just be adorable if the first thing your colleague thought of every morning was you! Mugs also make such great conversation starters. Our world runs on caffeine (or hot cocoa, if that's your thing), and as such, it is something that really brings us all together. A funny gift mug can light up people's mood and start a conversation with other people in the elevator! If they don't drink coffee, consider a tumbler or a high-quality water bottle so they can stay hydrated with the beverage of their choice. 

Also, talk about a thoughtful gift for a colleague gift exchange because it's something they can use at work! At our office, we run on coffee until it is an acceptable hour to start drinking wine! 

A Cool Tote Bag

A tote bag says a lot about a person; it can share their interests, display where they shop, or make a political statement. Find your colleague a tote bag that speaks to their interests and puts on display what they care about most!

If your colleague is on the shy side, you can also find a functional and straightforward tote that functions as a perfect day to day bag for carrying all their gadgets, and they can personalize it later with keychains or anything else their heart desires. But don't be deceived; there is still a myriad of options! There are tote bags made in so many different fabrics that will fit their daily routines. For example, if your colleague is a wake-up-before-work-and-work-out kind of person, you can find a washable zip-top tote that handles even the smelliest and sweatiest of gym clothes. Or if your friend is someone who frequents farmer's markets, find a toe with waterproof lining so she can schlepp her goodies with ease! 

Winter Scented Lotions

Some people (incorrectly) believe that something that is fragrant is a risky holiday gift because fragrance can be super personal. Sure, we agree it can be. BUT, we counter: if you received a gift with super delicious smelling scents, wouldn't you be happy? Thought so. And say, you don't like the smells; it was the thought that counts and you just got a gift that you can easily re-gift. Cha-ching! You just saved money. 

And while we're defending giving fragrant gifts, we also would like to bring up that you probably already know the receiver's preferences if you're giving a gift this season, and we know our hands are getting dried out from all the hand sanitizer we're putting on these days. You know what scents vibe with them and what scents don't mesh well. So, now that we've outlined why it's a good gift, why not give some delicious holiday smells! 

Along the same lines, you could give them the gift of self-care this season with a bath bomb or some essential oils. We all need to treat ourselves sometimes, and a gift like this would be sure to steal the show out of all the other Secret Santa or White Elephant gifts.

Stemless Wine Glasses

Help your colleague make their next happy hour extra special by gifting them a set of wine glasses. An easy way to give their next party a face-lift, wine glasses enhance your libation and can really set the tone for an evening or celebration. And what better way to do it than with stemless wine glasses that work with a variety of drinks. From Aperol spirits, Sangria, a nightcap, wine, or even water, they are the ultimate glass for everything! 

Up your stemless wine glasses gift by pairing it with a pack of Bev! Of course we wouldn’t miss an opportunity to give ourselves a little plug. Seriously, how could we not include ourselves in this list?! We can guarantee your colleague will love our delicious, crisp, zippy dry wines! With three different varieties, each of our wines have their own fun personalities that your colleague will love to get to know. We should also mention we have ZERO sugar so we can fit into anyone’s diet! 

A Cosy Candle

A no brainer gift that is universally accepted by any gender. A perfect gift for an office-mate because it allows us to take a break from the artificial light that we're surrounded by 24-7 by providing beautiful, natural light. 

Also, ever heard of a little something called aromatherapy? Candles are one-stop shops for aromatherapy goodness! Candles do wonders for your mood and bring a sense of peace and calmness. When a candle is lit, it's aroma can evoke so many different emotions and feelings and bring you back to some of your most cherished memories. Some candles are even created with certain smells to help reduce anxiety, help with chronic pain, and promote wellness.

Fancy Chocolates

Chocolate: the cure to 100% of ailments. Alright, that's not exactly true, but have you ever had a piece of chocolate when you're feeling down and almost immediately feel like a brand new woman? See, we're not too far off. 

Chocolates can be some of the most beautiful, edible Christmas gifts on the planet. They are smooth, sweet, creamy, and absolutely luxurious. And, for the higher end chocolates, they are often packaged in some of the most beautiful wrapping and boxes. 

Because they come in so many different flavors, you're almost guaranteed that your assortment of chocolates will have one that makes your colleague happy! From caramel, cookie, creams, and more, chocolates have so many different fillings that your colleague will have such a good time trying them all! 

A Keyboard Cover

Keyboards are one of the most essential components of your computer. Without a working keyboard, you're in trouble! Obviously, without a keyboard, you probably can't do much of your work. But, more importantly, without a keyboard, how are you going to Slack all day? That's precisely why you should gift your favorite colleague a keyboard cover! So they can 'do their work' and still talk to you all of the time! What a cute desk accessory to share how important your all-day-long conversations mean to you! 

While it may not be the most fun gift, keyboard cover offers an extra layer of protection between the outside world and a computer's keyboard and all of its underlying hardware. Because keyboards have small crevices in between the keys and casing, lint, debris, dust, and your delicious food, crumbs can easily find its way into your keyboard's internal mechanisms, and we all know it's not easy to remove. Sure, canned air can get it out, but it can also just push all that gunk further into your computer. 

If your colleague happens to always have a snack in hand, then you should order him or her a keyboard cover pronto, and maybe consider getting them some screen cleaner, too. Aside from the technical stuff that keyboard covers protect, they are also a great way to add some fun into work! There are so many different colors and designs to choose from that will certainly make your friend stand out in the crowd. If they also happen to be extremely loud typers, a cover will fix that problem right up by acting as a sound insulator, effectively silencing the obnoxious clicks and clacks. 

A Tea Infuser

Not sure about you, but we don't know a whole lot about tea. But it seems like people who drink tea sure know everything. If you have a colleague who drinks a lot of tea, don't worry, we talked to our office tea drinkers to understand the novelty and find the best gift that will make their day! Enter: a tea infuser. 

Apparently, to make loose leaf tea easily, a tea infuser is the way to go and makes the process a lot more manageable. Tea infusers are fun little devices made to hold loose tea leaves for both brewing and steeping. The real tea aficionados shared that loose leaf tea is the best quality tea and the preferred selection when it's time to brew tea. Tea infusers come in a bunch of different styles, from stainless steel baskets to palls to pincers; the options are endless. BUT, tea infuser baskets are apparently the way to go! 

Because they're large enough to allow leaves to expand and infuse flavor fully, tea infuser baskets are a dedicated tea drinker's preference. Baskets can be used in both a single-serving cup or in a teapot for larger cups.