Last Minute Christmas Gifts For Women: 10 Quick Gift Ideas

Is it just us, or have the last six months gone by insanely slowly but also insanely quickly? It's like, one minute we were making whipped coffee and trying all of the different Tik Tok trends and then BAM. We're closing in on the holiday season. Man, does time fly when you're constantly stressed about COVID. 

With all that's happened this year, we're extra excited about the holiday season. We're so glad that we've already prepared for that moment when one of our friends gives us a holiday gift that we entirely were not expecting. You know, that moment when someone gives you a gift, and you are just standing there, empty-handed and dumbfounded. Yikes. We've all been there…..

That's why we're Bev to the rescue! If this happens to you, instead of panicking and feeling like a not so great friend before you run to your Amazon prime account, here's what you should do: say you forgot your present at home and check out this list of easy, quick and affordable last minute gift ideas! We've come up with the perfect gift options that will make you look like the best friend ever! Oh, and don't worry, we won't tell your loved one you forgot about her…..That can be our little secret! Pinky promise! 

1. Her Favorite Bev(erage)

Of course, we're going to start our holiday gift guide by talking about ourselves. What kind of brand would we be if we didn't suggest ourselves as a great last-minute Christmas gift! If the woman you're buying for is a strong, independent woman who likes a good glass of wine, we're confident she'll love Bev. We're a company that promotes empowerment in business and beyond and truly embodies the importance of women supporting women. Talk about serious company goals. 

And since we're not shy about what makes us so great, we feel obligated to share that we also have ZERO sugar. Pretty insane, we know! Everyone who drinks our dry, crisp, fizzy cans cannot believe it! Plus, at only three carbs per can, we fit into pretty much anyone's diet! Even that one friend who is on such a stringent diet, you're not sure she has any options to eat or drink. 

We're sure that we've already sold you on why we're the best gift. But we're still in the spotlight, so we're going to keep talking! Our girls come in three different popular wine varieties and truly, have their unique style and personalities. From our Bev Blanc, who is a little zippy, to our Bev Gris, who is light and refreshing, to our Bev Rose, who is dry and a little fizzy, all of our wines are so delightful we're confident anyone would love to get to know us! 

2. Statement Earrings

While not low in calories and delicious, we admit that earrings are also a stunning and unique gift. A thoughtfully selected pair of earrings is one way to make someone feel enormously appreciated. If the earrings fit right into the recipient's style, you know that you'll be seeing them wear them for years to come! 

While you know your friend's style better than we do, there are a few different types of statement earrings that we've been eyeing that we're sure will step your already fashionable friend's style game up a notch! 

Fringe and Tassel Earrings: Earrings that do a lot of talking without talking at all. A perfect way to add a pop of color to an outfit, perhaps you can gift these trendy earrings to a friend that is bound to wear them at Coachella 2021. 

Graphic Earrings: Mismatching, oversized lines, and a big statement. These are increasingly popular and are best for a friend who lacks a filter and says whatever is on her mind.

Duster Earrings: Earrings that typically graze the neck or shoulder, dusters are flattering on everyone and chic and trendy. You can gift these to virtually anyone of your friends, and they are bound to get compliments from everyone! 

Architectural Earrings: Think metallics that have been crafted into gorgeous geometrical shapes. With abrupt angles that mimic elements seen in everyday buildings, these are earrings for a girl who isn't afraid to be daring. 

3. A Wine Saver

An excuse for us to discuss wine is that a wine saver is perfect for a friend who has better self-control than us and never finishes a bottle of wine before it goes bad. While we'd like first to pause and return to gift idea number one and say that's one of the perks of Bev: you don't have to worry about not finishing your wine before it goes bad because we come in small, single-serve cans. 

But, alas, the idea that someone out there might be wasting perfectly good wine is enough for us to freak out, so we'll offer our assistance in helping this poor, poor soul. A wine saver is a great stocking stuffer for these freaks of nature! Plus, many different types come in a range of different price points, so you could even add them to a cute DIY wine gift basket. With the help of a wine saver, your friend can take her wine and extend it's life span one to two weeks! That should give her plenty of time to drink all of its contents, we hope! 

4. A Massager

Ah, the gift of pain removal. This gadget addresses pain and stiffness by increasing circulation. A massager is a great gift idea for anyone who works out a ton, stresses a lot, or sits long hours working away. We just described ourselves sans the working out a lot. 

But here is why a massager is a great Christmas gift idea specifically for the holiday season. The holidays are supposed to be filled with love, joy, and cheer. And perhaps for a lot of people, that is exactly what the holidays are filled with. For us, it's filled with love, joy, cheer, and a whole lot of family and a whole lot of spending. Which, in turn, means it's filled with a ton of stress! Enter: a massager! Your friend or family member can free herself from the built-up tension and stress that the holiday season gives her! Who knows— you could even make it part fo a self-care gift set with some skincare products and (you guessed it) some Bev. 

If it's too late to order one, even with today's rampant two-day shipping, it probably wouldn't be the end of the world if you got her a gift card for a professional massage, either.

5. An E-Reader (Or A Real Book)

Show your friend that you listen to their ramblings about books and authors by gifting her the book she casually mentioned she couldn't wait to read. If you have an avid reader, an e-reader or Kindle is an ultimate gift because they can choose whatever they want to read whenever they want to read. Some of these can even be connected to Bluetooth headphones so that you can listen to your books, too. An e-reader is also great when you're reading embarrassing books that perhaps you don't want the whole world to know about! Wish we had one of those when we were reading "Fifty Shades of Grey" on the plane…. 

But, of course, some people prefer the good old paperback book from a book retailer. Perhaps if your friend is older, she might be more inclined to the OG books. We get it; some people like the feeling of turning pages. So for those people, try to select a book they haven't read by their favorite author or a new author you've recently heard about that you know they'll love. 


6. A Himalayan Salt Lamp 

A practical and beautiful gift that also happens to be affordable. Did you hear angels singing, or was that just us? Salt lamps provide the most beautiful glow and help your body function so you'll breathe better and sleep sounder. 

Seriously though. Himalayan salt lamps offer various health and environmental benefits that make them extremely beneficial for having at home, and they're the perfect way to start off the New Year. Himalayan salt lamps can help clean the air through what's called hygroscopy. Basically, it attracts and absorbs harmful water molecules from the environment and holds them captive in the salt crystal. So this badass lamp can remove cigarette smoke, dust, and other air contaminants, all while you're just chilling and watching Netflix. 

7. A Heated Blanket

Baby, it's cold outside. Give your gift that's guaranteed to please: a heated blanket. A snuggle buddy all season long, an electric blanket can watch whatever horrible reality tv shows your friend binges without complaint. Plus, it doesn't matter what the weather is outside; your friend will be snug as a freaking bug in one great blanket. Not only will it provide year-round comfort, but it can be a beautiful addition. 

8. A Trip You Can Plan Together

Likely our favorite gift on this list, travel is one of the greatest gifts we can give others and ourselves. It allows us to step away from our hectic schedule and truly immerse yourself in the moment. Plus, a little time away makes you so much more appreciative of what you have. Living out of a suitcase also reminds us of that much-needed perspective on how little we need. 

 9. A Fun Game

Guaranteed to take happy hours up a notch, a fun game is always a good option. With so many different trendy games out there, you're guaranteed to find one that fits your friend's likes when you're holiday shopping. 

10. A Cute Picture Frame (Photo Included, Of Course)

Timeless and fully customizable, a picture frame is one of the most sentimental gifts you can give. With so many different frame styles and sizes, you have a ton of flexibility regarding budgeting. And what a way to re-live some of the most cherished memories you share with your friends and family!