Of The Best Bachelorette Party Ideas

Eat, drink, and (get ready to) be married! Bachelorette parties are a right of passage. Although you might think that getting married is a big enough event to focus on, a wedding is often accompanied by various pre-wedding events. From a bridal shower where the bride is showered with gifts and jewelry for her new life to the rehearsal dinner where guests gather pre-wedding, the bride gets what she really wants in her bachelorette party: quality time with her best friends, very likely, drinking wine. 

While going to Las Vegas, enjoying pool parties, and hitting the town is what many consider the classic bachelorette party, that might not be what your bride has in mind. To make it a night the bride will never forget, sometimes you have to think outside of the box. That's why we've pulled together a few ideas that will make your bride's dreams come true! 

Go Vineyard Hopping

Wine tasting is never a bad idea, especially at a bachelorette party. We're willing to argue that bachelorette parties and wineries go together better than peanut butter and jelly. Going vineyard hopping has a touch of elegance while also providing a low-key way for the bride-to-be and her bridesmaids to drink copious amounts of wine. 

Have a Photoshoot

Capture the day or day's activities with a photographer in tow. With a professional photo, you will not only have the most Instagrammable pictures, but you will also have someone who truly knows how to direct you behind the camera, so you all look your absolute best, which is actually a skill; to learn before the wedding day! 

Rent a Party Bus

Instead of pulling straws to see who has to be DD, why not collectively put the bridal party's money together for a party bus? Not only will you be safely driving from one place to the other, but you will also get to enjoy quality time with the girls on the bus! 

Give Out Personalized Hangover Kits

Future Mrs.'s don't have time for hangovers! Make sure you come prepared with DIY hangover kits that have the group feeling better in no time at all. These are the best bachelorette party favors, whether you're throwing a themed party or signing with your besties at a karaoke bar in Nashville. Honestly, this deserves a blog on its own, so check out our personalized hangover kit recommendations here. 

Get Matching Tattoos

An easy way to take the hang out from fun to funny is with the help of a few flash tattoos! Whether you get the bride's significant other's face on a tattoo for everyone to wear or just bride-related sayings and phrases, tattoos separate your group from the others celebrating birthdays or other parties and make it clear you have someone extraordinary in time. 

Go All-Out for Decorations

From welcome signs to balloons galore, decorating is an easy way to bring festivities up a notch. 

Jump Out of a Plane

Have a bride that craves and loves a good adrenaline rush? Jumping out of a plane might be for you. 

Plan a Tea Party

Have a bride who enjoys the finer things in life? Well, let's answer our own question with another question: is there anything finer than fancy china and dresses? Toast to the squad in teeny, tiny teacups and the best finger foods you've ever tasted. High tea is a great way to celebrate a bride-to-be's last sail, whether your bride tribe is going on a destination bachelorette or the celebrants are staying local ahead of the Big Day. High tea gives a pop of luxury to brunch snacks, and many still provide boozy cocktails alongside their scones. Historic and luxury hotels everywhere still host classic tea services, and the best part? They often include Champagne as a part of their tea service. After all, if it's an activity that's fit for the Queen herself, we're guessing it might just be good enough for the Queen for the day as well. 

Go to a Yoga Retreat

It's a truth universally acknowledged that wedding planning is stressful. Tack on a control-freak mother-in-law or out-of-town guests, and your bride will likely be out of her element and completely stressed. Get the zen she desperately needs with a yoga getaway. With plenty of affordable to high-end luxury options, you and your girls can find the one that works best for the whole crowd! 

Have an Old-Fashioned Slumber Party

What better way to feel like a kid again than an old-fashioned slumber party? The funny thing about a slumber party is that it really doesn't have to be fancy. With popcorn, sleeping bags, and gossiping until two in the morning, your bride and her girls can reconnect and have the time of their life. 

Rock Out at a Music Festival

There are more music festivals than we can name; therefore, there is bound to be a music festival out there that centers around the bride's favorite music. From Stagecoach to Coachella to Outsidelands, festivals are often in places that make it easy to rent an Airbnb and grab food from the grocery store. You can even combine forces with the bachelor party for a bash the bride and groom can enjoy together.

Play Prosecco Pong

Why drink beer when there's prosecco? Seriously, this is a question we commonly ask ourselves. We simply don't get it. Regardless, Prosecco Pong is a riff off of beer pong but one thousand times fancier. Instead of solo cups, Prosecco pong is best enjoyed with prosecco glasses, and that requires serious skill. 

Rent a Boat

Ever heard the slogan, "set sail before the veil?" A very trendy and Instagram-worthy bachelorette party, you and your girls can ditch the over-crowded bars and instead throw on some coordinating swimsuits and spend the day at sea. Of course, if you live near a lake, you can rent a houseboat for a fun trip on the water. Just make sure you have someone who knows how to drive the boat! 

Take a Private Cycling Class

Tons of spin studios offer private classes, so grab your maid of honor and get your sweat on! It's an invitation any bachelorette group will love.

Go Glamping

Whether it's traditional camping (shutters) or glamping, a weekend out in nature is unforgettable. From hiking to swimming to campfires and s'mores, there are many fun adventures you can do that nature has waiting. But sometimes, you want the fun of camping without the tents. If your squad is more used to the Four Seasons than the ground, then perhaps glamping is the way for you. Not only will you get a taste of nature, but you'll enjoy the luxuries of a hotel room or a cabin. Watch movies after a long day of hiking or nature scavenger hunts, then go to sleep on an actual mattress—it's the best of both worlds.

Bonus points if you play fun bachelorette party games in your tent, or put together DIY spa days in-between outdoor excursions. There's no reason you can't have massages and campfires, right?