Our Favorite Adult Drinking Games

Sometimes drinking just for the sake of drinking can be a bit, well, boring. We’re all for talking with friends over some drinks, but occasionally we want to spice the party up with a bit of fun, and what better way to do that than with some good old-fashioned drinking games. Remember, the age rating for all of these games is 21+. It turns out there’s a lot more options out there than one might think, so Check out this wide variety of drinking games, and broken into categories so you can find one that’s right for whatever the occasion:  

It Takes Two

To tango? Yes, but we’re not sure that really qualifies as a drinking game. Most drinking games are designed for large groups, but some only require two people. There’s of course the classic showdown: who can finish their drink faster, but that’s really more of a sport than a game.  Right? Here are some classic examples of drinking games that you only need two people to  play: 


Throw bottle caps into your opponent’s drink in what we like to call “drunk horseshoes”. Do we actually? Who knows, but a one on one game of Caps is one of the simplest and easiest drinking games out there. Bottle caps sold separately. We cannot say with the utmost certainty that this game is hygienic, so make sure to sanitize your Caps before throwing. 

Battle Shots

Remember that movie with Rihanna that nobody saw? What was it called again? Oh yeah, Battleship! And based on box office returns, apparently, a lot of people saw it, although we have never actually met any of those people. But guess what? That movie was actually based on a board game called Battleship! 

In all seriousness, we’ve probably all played Battleship before, right? “You sunk my Destroyer!” Well, this is Battleship, but with drinking! It's one of the best drinking board games because it's so easy to play (unlike, say, Drunk Monopoly AKA "Beeropoly," Pictionary, or Telestrations). Simply make a grid (some sort of peel-able tape is recommended) and place your Battle Shots like you would in the classic board game. Three shots in a vertical or horizontal line is a battleship, two is a destroyer, etc. Then alternate calling out squares on the grid and try to sink each other’s Battle Shots! Fun for the whole family.  Well, those who are of age anyway. When a “ship” is sunk, drink your Battle Shots, and if you used liquor, likely fall asleep and scrap those late-night plans.  


Do you have alcohol and a deck of cards? A pre-kindergarten level of understanding of numerical values? Great! Because that’s all you need to play a card game of Higher/Lower. The game begins when a card is dealt face up. One of the players has to guess whether the next card dealt from the deck will have a higher or lower value than the card that is showing. If you guess wrong, take a drink! If you guess right, the other person drinks! Continue until sufficiently sauced.  

Movie and TV Show Games

Do you have a bottle of rum and a TV? Why not put on one of the Pirates of the Caribbean  movies (the first one is our personal recommendation) and play a game of “Why is the rum  gone?” We just came up with that name, please don’t sue us Disney. Basically, every time  

Johnny Depp takes a swig of rum, you do the same! See who can continue to walk upright and not slur their words for longer. Our money’s on Johnny. 

Do you have a love of medical TV shows and alcohol? How about a game of “Lupus”? That’s right, all you have to do is throw on an episode of House M.D., and every time Lupus is mentioned, you take a shot! We also just invented this one, but it sounds kind of fun.  

Let’s Have a Kickback

Does your party not have enough people to actually be considered a party? Why not play some drinking games, and soon the whole neighborhood will hear and be intrigued by the screams of delight coming from your backyard. Sooner or later, you may end up having enough people to have a real party, or you may have a noise complaint… 

Beer Pong

This college classic, also called “Beirut”, requires a large table, preferably one of the Ping-Pong variety, two ping pong balls, 20 plastic cups, and a can of beer (or 30). Teams of two alternate taking shots at the other team’s 10 cups which are arranged in a 1-2-3-4 triangle at the end of the table. If a ball lands into one of the opposing team's cups, they drink the alcohol contained in that cup. The team with cups remaining in front of them is the winner! You can play with different rules, like switching the alcoholic beverage to mini-bottles of liquor, filling one side with shots and the other with beer, or adding bonuses for trick shots. We all know the rules to beer pong, so you might as well switch things up. 

Drunk Jenga

Play Jenga! While Drunk! It’s fun, trust us! May possibly be more difficult than you remember depending on your state of intoxication. Also called "Tipsy Tower," it's the same concept as regular Jenga—just keep pulling blocks until the next player makes the tower fall. It's a drink-a-palooza!

Vodka Roulette

Also called "shot roulette," this is the other version of Russian Roulette! And no one has to die in this edition! Arrange six shot glasses in a circle, and fill five of them with water and one of them with vodka. Players each take a shot, and the one who drinks the vodka loses! Or wins? 

Straight Face

Who can keep a straight face when alcohol is involved? Not us, but if you think you can, this is the game for you. Try to break your opponents and make them laugh through a variety of techniques, and once they do, they have to drink! 


This game only requires a deck of Buzzed™ cards and a sufficient amount of alcohol. Each card has a different prompt that will instruct the dealer whether to drink, not drink, or engage in some other drinking-related activity. Are they paying us for this product placement? 

Never Have I Ever

Players alternate listing things they have never done. If you’ve done it, you have to drink! Best played with very very extremely close friends, as the results can sometimes be quite embarrassing. 

It’s a Party! 

Did that noise complaint just turn your kickback into a real party? Woohoo! Enjoy these drinking  games designed for large groups: 

Flip Cup

Two teams line up on opposite sides of a table. One member of each team must drink all the alcohol in their cup, and then attempt to flip their cup so that it lands upside down on the edge of the table. When this feat has been accomplished, the next team member in line does the same, and so on all the way down the line. The team that finishes their drinks and flips all their cups first, wins! 

Kings Cup

A game with infinite possibilities that also requires a deck of cards. Players must establish what each card means (an 8 designates 8 sips of alcohol to be poured into the King’s cup, 7 means girls drink, 5 means you have to rhyme, 6 means you have to list related celebrities, 10 means the floor is lava, 9 means you can only call people by their last name, etc.), and play until someone is tasked with drinking whatever disgusting alcoholic concoction is contained within the community cup AKA the "King’s Cup." This game is very similar to "Hello Governor" or "Cheers to the Governor." It's fun to create new drinking tasks for your friends to follow for the rest of the game, and each individual player gets their time in the spotlight.

Power Hour

Drink a shot of beer every minute for an hour. That’s 60 shots of beer! Yes, we know. It’s harder than it sounds. Best played with an accompanying playlist filled with minute-long clips of your favorite songs. 

Rage Cage

Nearly the same as Flip Cup, but instead of flipping your Solo cup after drinking, you have to bounce a ping pong ball so that it lands and stays within your empty cup. Why this is called Rage Cage,  no one seems to know.

What Is the Best Alcohol to Use for Drinking Games?

Whatever alcohol you have! Beer, wine, or liquor, all of these can be used in drinking games given that they are distributed in the proper volumes. But if you have a choice and a wealth of options, why not use one of our delicious Bev products as the fuel for your night of drinking games!