Sparkling Wine Cocktails: Make Your Night Festive

Pop the Bubbly

Sip, sip, hooray! We all know that champagne is synonymous with joyous, celebratory occasions. But have you ever wondered why? It turns out there is actually a reason besides it just being a delicious, beautiful, and fun drink! 

Let's talk about history for a hot second. In the 1500s, champagne was originally only produced in England because that's where the technology for bottling and corking drinks containing carbon dioxide was developed. The original champagne drink took a while to create because determining the correct amount of sugar was not easy. In fact, it took scientists over a century to create the perfect combination, but throughout that century, there were a whole lot of bottle explosions and errors. It seems like back then; champagne might have been a little dangerous! 

Because champagne took so much time and labor to make, it was an extremely expensive drink. But, it's expensiveness lent itself nicely to the upper class who saw the drink as a status symbol. Therefore, the tradition of drinking champagne to mark celebrations originated in the royal courts, where the Royalty loved the wine's novelty. Of course, they did; who doesn't like champagne? 

See, proof that history can be fun! Not sure why our elementary school teachers didn't weave in more cocktail history in our classes, but we'll look into suggesting that later. While delicious on its own, champagne (or Italian prosecco, cava, or pretty much any sparkling wine) can be an ingredient in creating some of the most delicious cocktails. While some people stick their noses up at the idea of mixing with champagne, it is a trend that’s been around forever and will be around for years to come! Champagne easily mixes with almost all types of alcohol, like vodka, cognac, brandy, gin or rum. 

Next time you have a celebration, take it up a level by taking the drink associated with celebrating and turning it into a cocktail! Champagne cocktails are often beautiful and will make you and all of its sippers feel truly elegant. Here is a list of champagne cocktail recipes you HAVE to try this season! We're thinking maybe New Year's Eve?

Classic Champagne Cocktail

Although we believe the most classic champagne cocktail is a mimosa, a cocktail is literally named 'Classic Champagne Cocktail.' So, I guess that makes it the most classic champagne cocktail by sheer definition... But, we're not here to hate on the drink because it is an incredibly sparkly drink that certainly will make your night more festive. And, the best part is it's incredibly easy to make; no cocktail shaker or special tools required! All you need is a champagne glass, one sugar cube, angostura bitters, and of course, sparkling wine or champagne! 

In our opinion, the best part of this champagne cocktail is that it has the ultimate fizziness. Although champagne on its own is delightfully bubbly, the sugar cube makes it a fizzy explosion, making your drink look like it's sparkling all night long! 

Although the classic champagne cocktail is made from only three simple ingredients, there are some ways to customize the champagne cocktail to your preferences. One way is by using different sweeteners, especially if you're using an extra brut wine. Although you might not get the same fizz a sugar cube creates, you can always use granulated sugar or maple syrup to up the classic drink's sweetness. You can also make the drink a little more tipsy with the help of cognac, rum, gin, or even vodka! Try adding a fruit juice for a little bit of a refreshing fruit splash! Any way you make it, we are confident you'll feel elegant drinking it as a dinner drink! 

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French 75

A drink that is rich with history! French 75 is a cocktail that dates to World War I and was created in 1915 at the New York Bar in Paris. According to legend, the drink was said to have such a big kick that it was like getting shelled with a 75mm field gun. Not really what we like to think of when we're drinking, but regardless, it certainly does pack a significant punch! 

The recipe for this classic cocktail varied over the years, but it settled on the now-classic recipe that is a hybrid between a champagne cocktail and a gin cocktail. It calls for gin, simple syrup, lemon juice, and champagne. It's bubbly and fresh with the perfect amount of gin, making it ideal for a celebratory cocktail at your next dinner party! Doll your French 75 cocktail up with a lemon twist garnish! 

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Elderflower Cocktail

Elderflower drinks have been here for quite some time, and we hope they stick around for even longer! They're delightful, perfect for a celebratory occasion, and indeed a change from the ordinary. Elderflower is a liquor that offers an easy and sweet way to add a delicious floral taste to cocktails (St. Germain is a popular brand). Luckily, it is very versatile and can easily mix with almost any alcohol, from champagne, white wine, gin, vodka, and even whiskey! 

The iconic elderflower cocktail is a delicate, elegant, and sparkling drink that is incredibly easy to make with only three ingredients: elderflower liqueur, champagne, and club soda. 

Kir Royale

A French cocktail that is a variation on Kir, a French cocktail concocted with a measure of 'crème de cassis' (which essentially is blackcurrant liqueur) and then topped with white wine. Kir Royale differs from Kir because a traditional Kir is made with white wine while a Kir Royale is made with white wine. 

Regardless if you have a Kir or a Kir Royale, you're bound to have a delightful drink! Because it is an aperitif, it is often served in a champagne flute. For cocktail inspiration and envy, check out The Cookful's Kir Royale recipe. 


Originating from Italy, the Bellini is a fruity, fizzy drink that makes every celebration that much more fun! The Bellini is an IBA Official Cocktail, which means that it can be used in the annual World Cocktail Competition. If you didn't know that was a thing, don't worry, we didn't either. To make a Bellini, you need peach puree or peach schnapps and champagne.  

Today there are a few variations of the drink that let you enjoy many different flavors. There's the Puccini, which replaces the peach puree with mandarin juice. The Rossini, which replaces the peach puree with strawberry puree. And lastly, there's the Tintoretto, which replaces the peach puree with pomegranate juice. All we know is we're down to try all three! And no one would judge if you tried to mix it up even further with blood orange or grapefruit juice.

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Blushing Mimosa

Last but certainly not least, we get to talk about our favorite sparkling wine cocktail: Blushing Mimosa. There are tons of rumors and myths around where the creation of the mimosa happened. Some believe that it was created by a bartender at the Ritz Hotel in France, while others actually think it was the famous scary movie director Alfred Hitchcock who invented the cocktail in San Francisco. Regardless of how the drink got here, we're sure glad it's here!

In case you need a reminder, a mimosa is created with orange juice and champagne, although you can personalize it with any fruit juice you want, from apple cider to cranberry juice. You'll find these delicious drinks at most celebrations, and we'd have a hard time believing you if you said you've gone to a brunch that didn't serve mimosas. A blushing mimosa, however, is a little different than a mimosa. While a classic mimosa is equal parts orange juice and champagne, a blushing mimosa adds pineapple juice and grenadine for a twist of flavor and pop of color! 


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