The Best Spring Break Ideas This Year

Spring break is the ultimate time for a getaway. Whether your idea of a good time is horseback riding and kayaking, partying at Mardi Gras, or chilling by the pool, a good spring break vacation is the perfect opportunity to blow off some steam or get the rest and relaxation you might not have tended to in quite some time. From international voyages to exploring your very own beautiful country, there is quite literally an entire world out there to explore. Here are a few of the top spring break destinations we have on our must-visit list. 

Take an International Voyage

Grab your passport and leave the country for a week or two with these exciting vacation spots. 

Mont Tremblant, Canada

An excuse to ski in spring, Mon-Tremblant is a municipality in Quebec, a Canadian province located in the Laurentian Mountains. Along with its year-round skiing and plethora of winter sports, this gorgeous area is known for its hiking, lakes, and golf courses. You can hit the slopes, try cross-country skiing, or relax with some springtime aprés ski at your resort’s ski lodge.

Montreal, Canada

Montreal is calling, and it's another excuse for those looking to take ski season to spring. Of course, if ski season isn't your cup of tea for a spring break, the area is also jam-packed with museums and quaint, picturesque streets that are just waiting for you to get lost on them. 

Montego Bay, Jamaica

Did you say all-inclusive resorts? If you're looking for a place to relax and kick your feet back on a white sandy beach, you may have found your match. With plenty of jerk-seasoned delicious food and rum punch, you'll find yourself deliciously at home. 

Puerto Rico

A fun way to get off of the mainland without having to deal with the hassle of a passport, Puerto Rico offers 270 miles of coastline with an abundance of beaches just waiting for you to dip your toe in. 

Punta Cana, Dominican Republic

Located at the easternmost tip of the Dominican Republic, Punta Cana is known for its crystal clear water and extensive stretch of unbeatable beaches. Another location is known for its all-inclusive resorts, often lavish, Punta Cana is the ideal place for those looking for the perfect spring break destination with a mix of relaxation and adventure through action activities like zip-lining and windsurfing readily available. 

Cabo San Lucas, Mexico

On the southern tip of Baja, California, Cabo San Lucas is another destination known for its beautiful beaches. In addition to the picturesque location, Baja also boasts a wild nightlife with college students often flocking to the area to drink and dance the night away at Cabo Wabo Cantina. Still, for those not looking for a night out on the town, traditional luxury hotels with incredible pools and unbelievable food are also options. If you don't have a West Coast, best coast mentality, Cancun's eastern shores offer similar opportunities to enjoy the spring weather

Explore the USA—Roadtrip, Anyone?

Have a little more time on your hands or want to stay more local? North America is also an option! Roadtrip (or fly) to these USA-located spots for an exciting adventure. If you're flying, we'll call out which of these states are currently selling Bev. 

Outer Banks, NC

While also a popular television show, Outer Banks happens to be an affordable place to enjoy the free time spring break offers. With large vacation rental homes located on sprawling beaches, this is the place for those traveling with a large group of people looking for various activities. From fishing to relaxing on the beach, everyone will be able to fulfill their spring break wish list. 

While a great spot to visit, we do not currently have stores or bars and restaurants selling Bev, but we’ll deliver! 

Myrtle Beach, SC

Located on South Carolina's Atlantic coast, Myrtle Beach is amid the Grand Strand, a sixty-mile string of beaches. Amidst its immaculate golf courses and incredible beaches, this area of South Carolina also has old-fashion beach boardwalks and one of the country's tallest Ferris wheels. 

While a fantastic vacation locale to visit, we do not currently have stores or bars and restaurants selling Bev, though the Carolina’s are looking more like home in the future, so stay tuned! 

New Orleans, LA

Looking for a few epic nights on the town while eating the most incredible food you've ever had? Look no further! With rental deals galore, New Orleans is the prime destination for a spring break packed with activity. With music clubs pretty much on every street corner and museums like the National World War II museum, you will never find yourself bored. 

And while a place you'll find wine and alcoholic beverages galore, you, unfortunately, won't be able to get your hands on a can of Bev at this time. 

Key West, FL

When you think of spring break in Florida, you're probably either picturing a family vacation to Disney World in Orlando or a raucous party in Miami. But the Florida Keys are actually one of the best spring break destinations in the state.

A small Florida town, a spring break in Key West can still pack in a ton of fun and adventure. With delicious food hotspots everywhere and plenty of places to enjoy a night out, Key West is budget-friendly and filled with a little bit of everything. 

Make sure to ship your girls (aka Bev) to your hotel or Airbnb because, at this time, Bev hasn't found a home in Key West, Florida, though we can be found elsewhere in the state! 

Daytona Beach, FL

While known for the iconic Daytona 500 NASCAR race, Daytona Beach has much more to offer. With 26 miles of beaches and warm weather pretty much a guarantee every day, Daytona is also known for becoming a hotspot for college spring breakers. 

Our favorite spot on the list, you can find Bev at select Targets in Daytona Beach! 

Grand Canyon, AZ

Get out and see our country's beautiful outdoors. With temperatures in the seventies and eighties in the springtime, Arizona's Grand Canyon is the perfect spring break spot for those who are up to an RV adventure. While hotels and cabins are available, you can also camp and really get a taste of the outdoors. That said, we're not the best campers over here at Bev, so make sure you do your research on safe hikes and camping options before strapping on your backpack. If you want the best of both worlds, you can always make your way to this popular attraction after a road trip to Las Vegas. Or, if the party life isn't calling you, take a day trip out to Phoenix, AZ for some fun for the whole family.

While Bev and campgrounds sound like a fun option to us, double check on local rules and laws, and use our store locator to track us down if it’s a green light! 

Palm Springs, CA

While most people know the area for its famous outdoor music venue that hosts Coachella and Stagecoach, Palm Springs is an exciting place to spend your spring break. You can find yourself lost shopping until you drop on Palm Canyon Drive or hitting golf balls pretty much anywhere in the desert. It's also a quick drive away from the beautiful Joshua Tree National Park.

Good news for Palm Springs spring breakers: Bev is readily available at select Bevmos! 

Try a Staycation

While a vacation is always a fun way to spend spring break, you can also find yourself busy at home with tons to do. Explore your city's charm and venture into neighborhoods that you haven't had time to. For a family-friendly option, take the kids on a trip to the Zoo or check out the April bloom at your local botanical garden. Finally, try those restaurants that are on your bucket list! 

Throw a Huge Party

Not into multiple days of vacation or can't take time off? Put all of the fun of a break into one day and throw yourself a party for all of your loved ones. Whether you're breaking out the popcorn for a movie marathon, hosting a game night, or recreating Project X, having visitors over for a huge party can pack a week's worth of spring break fun into one night to remember. In addition to staying home and getting to re-fall in love with the place you call home, you can take the party life you might be wanting from vacation and make it at home!