Things To Do When You're Bored

Boredom: something we all experience and can feel hopeless. After a year of social distancing and COVID, many of us have learned how to master the art of curing boredom. However, others might be bored of their boredom techniques. 

If you've done every jigsaw puzzle, finished adult coloring book, and watched every Ted Talk on the internet, it may be time to find a new hobby to beat your boredom. And, no, scrolling through social media like Pinterest, Instagram, or watching a new YouTube channel are not the boredom cures you need. You need some new fun things to occupy your time and fill your next photo album with memories of when you were having so much fun

The excellent news is boredom is a state of mind. And you CAN break out of it. That's why we gathered some tips that will help lift your spirit, burst your boredom and make you feel excited about life. 

Have Some Fun

Binge Watch a New Show

It's tempting to keep revisiting your favorite movie, favorite book, or favorite TV show, but there are millions of shows out there you still haven't seen. Perhaps you've never started "Game of Thrones" or "Friends"? Or, maybe it's time to turn to reality TV. Shows that are literally designed to keep you watching and, literally, are other people curing their boredom most of the time is ironically pleasing when you are bored. Might we suggest the "Real Housewives" on Bravo?  

Have a Classic Movie Marathon

Do you know those classics like "Clock Work Orange" or "Casablanca"? Maybe it's time to check out the films that formed the industry as we know it today. Plus, our world is filled with easily streamable movies, documentaries, and tv series on Netflix. We have zero excuses not to hone in on the classics and best of the best. 

And if you're THAT bored, it's time to pull out the trilogy movies. As suckers to character development, trilogies provide superior long-term character development while combining an overarching story that melds together in a multi-part film. And you know what else doesn't hurt? The fact that most trilogies come with some pretty large budgets and therefore, you're seeing the best of the best. 

Make your movie marathon a big event with costumes, themed snacks, and even a pillow and blanket fort in the middle of your living room

Read a Best Seller

Let's start with something you probably didn't expect to hear from us in this section: coloring books are NOT solely for kids. They are a great way to engaged your creative side while simultaneously relaxing. And if you're not into that, we're guessing you haven't read every single best seller out there. We think it's time to pick out some page-turners and get to reading! 

Make a Playlist (or Two)

What was your favorite music in sixth grade? And when was the last time you listened to it? Exactly. Go through your old journal, planner, or diary to rediscover the favorite tunes of your life and put them on one playlist or multiple playlists. But fair warning: you might find yourself walking down memory lane. Listening to music employs large-scale neural networks across the brain. This is why music can trigger definite memories that seem to bring us back in time and space. And speaking of which, if you need us, we'll be playing the "Back to December" music video by Taylor Swift on repeat and crying about the crush we had who didn't like us back. 

Plan a Party

Rather than go out to a restaurant, why not create a legendary dinner party in the comfort and convenience of your place? Parties are a lot of fun; that's why they're called parties. Not only will the actual party itself take up some of your time but also, you'll be busy planning it. So, why not make it fun and exciting by getting creative with themes, menus, and decorations. Here are some ideas to ignite your creativity: 

  • Spin a globe and pick a country with your eyes closed! Whatever country you choose first is where everyone will be creating their dishes from. Assign people appetizers, dinner, desserts, and drinks! 
  • Have yourself a merry little Christmas...even in the summer! Make your party spirited and fun by having a random holiday in the middle of summer. Thanksgiving, Valentine's Day, or even Ground Hogs day can be your theme! 
  • Movie and television-themed! If you have a favorite t.v. Show or movie, make it your theme! For example, if you had a "Friends" dinner party, you could assign your guests appetizers, dinner, desserts, and drinks and see what they came up with.  

Because this idea excites us, here are a few new recipes to get your creativity flowing: 

Appetizer Ideas: 

     Monica's perverted salad or 

    Monica's jam post-Richard break up jam 

    Phoebe's Not-the-Hummus-Hummus 

Dinner you have a long list of options: 

    Ross's everything is fine fajitas

    Joey's Turkey-Head Turkey

    Ross's Moist-Maker

    Ross can't eat Tacos Tacos 

    He's your lobster


    Rachel's Dessert Trifle 

    Phoebe's French Grandma's Cookies 

    Chandler and Rachel's Cheesecake 


    Central Perk Coffee

    We were on a break beer 

    Ross is fine margaritas 

Get the picture? Honestly, this was far too fun even to create! 

Get Productive

Do Your Meal Prep

This new skill will also stop you from boredom eating, but meal prepping takes a ton of time. What better time to meal plan than when time is what you have most?

Spring Clean

Organize Your Home Office

Spend a ton of time at your desk? There's a good chance that over all of the time you've spent sitting there reading this article and/or working, it's gotten a little bit messy. Whether it's just cluttered or it's covered in dust and pet hair, take this time to throw away the trash and give it a once-over. And while you're at it, give your desk a little purge. That hole puncher that never works or broken pencil does not need to be taking space on your desk. Toss it in a cardboard box, dust it, make it sparkle! 

Delete Old Files from Your Laptop

Is your home screen a collection of files and screenshots? Time to get organized. Create separate folders for various projects and data. Spend some time to manage the information you have now, and you'll be saving yourself tons of time later, like when you want those files.

Rotate Your Mattress

Likely a new trick you've put off or haven't even considered, rotating your mattress routinely is imperative because it aids in keeping the fillings spread evenly. A straightforward approach to increase its lifespan and something that might take you a little bit, especially if you're tackling it alone! 

Chill Out

Have a DIY Spa Night

No need to transform your bathroom into an extravagant wellness retreat; a DIY spa night can be as uncomplicated as popping on a sheet mask or buying new bath salts. Unlike other DIY projects, this spa night is all about rest and relaxation. Do your nails, draw a lavender bubble bath, or try fun new hairstyles from YouTube videos with your friends. You can even turn this into a full-blown makeover—buy new makeup brushes and beauty products, and come away from your spa night a totally new you.


Find a new perspective with meditation. You'll find being calm, in peace, and balanced an easy way to serve your emotional well-being and overall health. And, the good thing is, the benefits of meditation extend past just the session! Meditation helps provide a calm outlook and manage symptoms of medical conditions and stress. 

Indulge Your Taste Buds

Bake a Cake

Virtual baking classes are a thing! With so have so many choices and tutorials to pick from, why not find a group of your best friends and do it together!

Make Breakfast For Dinner

A fun way to spice up the usual boring routine, breakfast for dinner is an option! Plus, ingredients in breakfast foods are usually less expensive, faster to make, and lower in calories. Wins all around! Eat your pancakes and waffles on the floor of your living room for a BFF picnic, and store leftovers in the fridge for a gift that keeps on giving.

Become an Amateur Mixologist

Going to bars and restaurants means paying for cocktails. And from experience, we can say cocktails tend to add up. Alternatively, you can learn how to create your ideal cocktail at home. 

Good Luck!