What to Put in a Gift Basket for Every Occasion

How To Build The Perfect Gift Basket

Gift baskets are one of the best gifts out there. They bring a level of joy that is disproportionate to their size. Perhaps it brings us all back to childhood when you would attend a party and leave with the ridiculously exciting gift bag? Or maybe it brings us back to the memory of receiving a fun gift basket from the Easter Bunny? Whatever it is, there is something about great gift baskets that bring sheer joy. They're made even better when they have been curated with your loved one's interests in mind. 

Holiday gift baskets are not a new or novel invention; instead, they've been around forever, even going back to a time where baskets were far more than an eclectic decoration. Back in the day, and we're talking way back in the day, baskets were essential in everyday life. People used their baskets to carry food and necessities. Because of their daily importance, baskets became a vessel for gifts and bounty, even in mythology. 

Take a look at the goddess Eostre. She was a pagan goddess popular in Germanic cultures who represented fertility and life. By some, she is seen as a patron of the holiday we now know as Easter. Eostre carried a basket filled with plants that she would offer as gifts. This is why when we celebrate Easter, we tend to gift fruit-themed baskets. 

Eostre isn't the only mythological example but does display how baskets were given prominence in myths. Therefore, it is only natural that we gave them symbolic importance as part of holidays and special occasions. And, as traditions expanded and more people interacted with each other, gift baskets became more common for occasions like Mother's Day and Father's Day, and for housewarming gifts or ways to celebrate new moms and dads. Christmas gift baskets are even becoming extremely popular as thoughtful, inexpensive gifts.

Regardless of the season or occasion, there are so many different reasons to gift the delight of a gift basket. From the holiday season to a hostess gift to show your appreciation to a family member, a gift basket is an ultimate way to let your recipient not only know that you're thinking about them but that you know what they enjoy and love. Plus, home-made gifts are all the sweeter. 

If you're trying to build the perfect DIY gift basket, don't worry, we have some tricks and tips in mind! 

Think About Your Recipient

When you think about your recipient, think about what they love most and try to incorporate the reason you are gifting them a gift basket. Coming up with a theme may just help you do this! 

For example, if you're celebrating your recipient's graduation, pick gifts that you would want to help celebrate the significant accomplishment. Themes like A Cozy Night at Home, Family Game Night, Thank You For Hosting will set your gift basket's tone and allow you to pick items that fit exclusively in that theme so that you can get your gift basket ideas moving. 

The Best Items For A Gift Basket

While the items you pick for your gift basket should refer back to the theme you have chosen, some items are always worth considering. These are a few items we know your gift recipient would absolutely love!

Their Favorite Drink

Let's be honest; there are not a ton of people out there who will refuse a nice bottle of wine, vodka, sangria, or whiskey, or even a nice hot chocolate mix or a fancy blend for coffee lovers. Throw in their favorite drink, and you'll be sure to get a heartfelt thank you. 

And, since we're talking about drinks, might we suggest throwing in a pack of Bev? Currently, we have five varieties, and all of them are fizzy and around 11.9% ABV per can. Plus, they only contain three carbs and 120 calories per can, so regardless of the recipient's diet, we will very likely fit in perfectly! Oh, and we almost forgot to mention one of the most important and best-selling points: we're sugar-free! So, what are you waiting for? Head to our store and purchase your variety pack to gift today! (Oh, and pro tip: buy yourself a pack too, so you don't get called out for leaving with the present you purchased!) 


Add goodies that go with your drink or other items in your gift basket! The key here is to pick things that your recipient actually enjoys. If your recipient has a nut allergy, perhaps giving him or her a bunch of nuts isn't a good idea. This also might not be the time to include the fixings for an ice cream sundae, for obvious reasons. 

Savory snacks and sweet treats that are always a good idea to throw in a gift basket: crackers, pretzels, marshmallows, cheese, popcorn, fruit, homemade baked goods, indulgent fudge. 

Self-Care ~Essentials~

Self-care gift baskets are always the best! Find items that speak to your recipient. From lotion to bath salts to nail polish, you have a million items that will fit your recipient's ideal self-care rituals. 

This can take an already thoughtful gift up another notch, as you're showing your recipient that they should take some much-needed time for themselves. After all, who wouldn't love to relax with a soothing bubble bath in a cute mason jar container? 

Tie It All Up With A Bow

Make your gift basket look like a work of art and almost too good to open! It's all a part of the process of gift giving. 


What you put your items with can make your entire gift pop! You can find beautiful and practical baskets and containers from pretty much anywhere, from dollar stores to thrift stores! Decorative tins, flower vases, trays, and wooden boxes all make suitable bases for gift baskets at a minimal price. 


The perfect way to tuck into all of the smaller areas in your container to make it look full. Plus, shred filler is a great way to provide cushioning to some of your more delicate items. If you have your shredder or have access to one, you can easily make shred from colorful paper. If you don't, a pair of scissors will do the trick! 


Is it a gift basket if it doesn't have a transparent wrap around the entire thing? We think not! Cellophane bags can be purchased pretty much anywhere, but just to be sure to get a large enough size to fit your entire basket or container without ripping it! 

Ribbons and Bows: 

Of course, no gift or gift basket is complete without a big bow! Take your gift wrapping up a notch by placing a smaller item with the bow. For example, if you are gifting a gift basket for a new mother, add a little rattle or small baby toy!