Wine Subscription Boxes

Ah, so you've heard your friends or colleagues talking about wine subscription boxes and are now curious what these mysterious things mean. So let's talk about subscription boxes first. Subscription boxes first found their light when Unilever acquired Dollar Shave Club. And when people get wind of something great, they all want in. 

These are recurring deliveries of niche products that, if we're honest, are usually a part of a marketing strategy or at least a product distribution method. These boxes target a variety of customers and have the ability to cater to a wide range of needs and interests through tasting notes. There is a subscription box out there for everyone, from your grandma to your goldfish. And we can back that fun fact up today; it is estimated that there are roughly 400 to 600 types of subscription boxes in the United States alone. 

There is a lot of appeal to these magical boxes. For starters, who doesn't like getting packages in the mail? Exactly. But another draw is that these magical boxes often have products that consumers wouldn't try on their own. Therefore, they try products and brands risk-free. Now that we're all on the same page on precisely a subscription box let's talk about our favorite topic: wine (and wine subscription boxes). 

Ever try to carry out multiple bottles or cans of wine from the wine shop? As much as we love the game, "can I carry all of my groceries in one go?" it can get a little tasking after a while. Enter: the wine subscription or wine club. The task of buying delicious wine should not have to be strenuous; it should be easy and feel as good as wine tastes. Plus, are we really ready to see humans all of the time? Didn't think so. Stay home, let the wine come to you. Be high maintenance; you deserve it! 

Plus you do not need to make a trip to Napa or Sonoma to try the famous California wine. You can even get all the natural wines, Champagne, and organic wines you want right to your front door. You can tote your international wine or high quality wine to all your friends online without them even knowing that you never left your home and you are just a monthly wine club subscriber

Can I Get Wine Delivered to My House?

We're guessing this was the first question that popped into your mind. We're not mind readers (honestly, that would not be the magical power we would want), But for the most part, you can get alcohol delivered directly to your home from most winemakers, assuming you have the means to pay for it! Of course, there are a few states that aren't fans of this, so if you live in Alabama, Oklahoma, or Utah, unfortunately, you're going to have to go to the store instead of having the magical wine fairy come and deliver. In almost all other states, wine delivery is a-okay assuming you can prove that you're 21 years old or older and provide your autograph to prove it. 

What’s the Difference Between a Wine Club and a Wine Subscription?

Okay, so there is a difference between a wine club and a wine subscription. A wine club is essentially the extension of wine subscriptions but with some differing components. Wine clubs are created to give customers a series of wine bottles on a monthly and or quarterly basis. The point is to provide the club members with the ability to try vino that they often wouldn't try independently. These clubs are trendy for vineyards because they can share their new wine varieties or have a chance to give out more options. 

There are so many wine clubs to think of that offer big deals such as wine of the month club. Do a little digging to see the best wine club throughout the handful such as cellars wine club, plonk wine club, bright cellars or any others with great wine selection

Are Wine Subscriptions Worth It?

*nods head yes* We are big fans of the best wine subscription boxes. These babies have majorly picked up since the first "Wine Club of the Month" happened in 1972. From The New York Times Wine Club to Winc, there are a ton of options out there. 

Before you pick your wine club and stick to it, we have some advice on how to choose and what you should be on the lookout for when searching through all the wine awesomeness. First, do your research! With so many options readily available, you don't want to give your credit card number to the first one that pops up on Google. Really think about the reason you are looking for a wine club. Is it to try new things? Is it to always have your favorite wine on hand? 

Make sure you really know what you're hoping for. Know what different wine varietals you like, and if you’re going for red wine, white wine, sparkling wine, or all three. And know the difference between a Cabernet and Pinot Noir. You don't need to be a big wine drinker or know if your wine came from Bordeaux in France or Italy, but it is good to know your general taste to get that algorithm working for you. 

In your research, you should also verify that your wine can be shipped to you. While most states allow the wine to be seamlessly shipped from business to consumer, a few loops can cause an issue. For example, how much wine someone orders cannot be allowed in your state. Check the wine subscriptions FAQ before putting in your order. And while you're reading the FAQ before putting in the order, make sure you check out the club's costs. While the good companies out there are upfront with all of the costs, some are a little sneaky and can slip in extra costs. 

Speaking of sneaky companies, you should also keep in mind the pricing points and compare them to other companies out there. While wine clubs may act like they're a huge bargain and giving you wine that's usually $2,000 for $5, they might not be delivering on the deal they profess they are. In this case, discounts are routine; however, there is always a war of a club that offers brands or discounts that you can only get through them. 

Can I Give Wine Subscriptions as a Gift?

Heck yeah, you can, and we highly advise you to start by gifting to us! Just kidding. All jokes aside, we speak on behalf of all wine lovers when we say that a wine club box or subscription is ideal for the wine lover in your life. Whether it's a monthly box or quarterly gift, your wine lover will be in absolute pinot bliss whenever the package arrives. Oh, and since it's a multi-part delivery, every box is a cute little reminder of how much you care. Ahh, how cute! 

What Should I Look for in a Wine Subscription Box?

Well, that depends on what you are looking to get out of the wine subscription box! Here are a few things we include in our wine subscription box that we think, not to toot our own horn or anything, should be replicated or at least set the standard in other wine subscription boxes


Every season has a reason to gift Bev! So why not give your mom a box for all that she does! Everyone needs a lil' fizzy moment to make their days brighter and better. Plus, we give you options on what box you want us to come in because if we're going to meet your mom, we want to look our very best. 


I mean... have you looked at our cans? Is there a more stylish can out there?! 


So, we're canned wine, and we're made specifically to be canned because of our signature fizz. Not only does canning the wine keep it crisp and fresh, but you also won't have to worry about broken glass on the pool deck or bonfire, and bring that baby with you everywhere you go! 

Great Value

While we're a great price in-store, we're an even better price online and get wine shipments directly to you. It'll cost you $49 for an eight-pack. FYI, price-wise, that's like buying two $25 bottles of wine and getting more than half a third bottle for free. You're welcome. Plus, we have a 24-pack that's $99 for a 24-pack, which comes out to about $12 per bottle. You'll save 15 percent on your first purchase, but you can score an additional discount by making your order a subscription. Ta-da. You do not need to be a sommelier or big wine expert to know that the wine subscription service gives great wine with high-quality right from your first box of monthly subscription